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Add your property on Registration is completely free. has brought to you a cloud-based platform to enhance the experience of the hotel business. Your property will be introduced to our networks once you successfully added them. Our networks mean 154 organizations, alliances, and travelers from around the world. Let's experience the excellence in the Hotel Business.

A Key Account Manager will assist you right from starting to register, documentation, and training until boosting booking. Eventually, you will be invited to part of our promotions, campaigns, commercial advertisement and researches. All our efforts are set to give you the business and improving the standard in cloud-based Hotel reservations.

How to add a property

  • Registration > Complete the registration by visiting Add your Property page
  • Account Activation > Account activation works manually from our end. Once you have submitted a registration form, either wait for 24H for activation or drop a mail to for instant action. We took high-security measurements to protect the data of our users, customers and to avoid robot users, phishing attacks and to protect us from so-called threats.
  • Sign in > Use your Sign-in credentials like user id ( email) & password and hit on Sign-in button. You will be landed on your dashboard. In case you forgot the password, next to "Sign-in" you will see the option of ‘Forgot password' Click on that and input your registered email id. A link will be sent to this id. Go to the link and you’ll get the option to reset your password. Once the new password has been successfully set, you will be able to log into your account using the new password.
  • Create Property > Tab to the left sidebar menu and click on the option 'Property'. Go to property details from the top menu, you will find an option to 'create a new property'. Let's begin, submit your property's appropriate details. Create rooms, update tariffs, photos, amenities, documents, policy, banking information, all those tasks you can complete it from Top menu one by one. A key account manager will verify contents, pictures and will complete all necessary formalities. All are set to go live. Congratulations!

We have added business tools to optimize maximum profit. These tools are Customers Relationship Management (CRM), Property Management System (PMS), Guests Profile Management (GPM), Accounts, Social Accounts Management (SAM) and Human Resource Management (HRM). All those business tools you can access from the 'Left-Side-Bar'. When all tools work together, sales happen faster and better like never before. You can use our Knowledge base to self-train, use videos, contents and get our assistance within 24H.

We are building a trustworthy community of Traveling and Hosting which intend

  • to act against non-discrimination, non-violence,
  • an activity to explore unknown,
  • a community of sharing economy, spaces, culture, and food.
  • a relationship beyond boundaries, languages and social taboos.
Let's join, add your property.