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Travel Metasearch Engine

A metasearch engine (or aggregator) is a tool which sends out user queries to various third-party search engines and then compiles the results


Web Reservation Services

Once traveller find their Epic stay, they need to use this web reservation system to confirm guest information, booking and payment. It is simple and user friendly.



Client Relationship Management(CRM) is a tool which helps in managing all the interactions with customers. It acts as a database where all the necessary customer information


Listing Property

A property or if you have multi property you can create them all in a single platform, rooms, price, description, policy, rules, etc and assign the managers to respective property as you like



Property Management System(PMS) is a software application which enables a property owner to manage, coordinate and perform the day-to-day functions and transactions involved in running their business.



Total earning, total booking, payment receive, payment pending, raising invoice to customer, collecting payment, raising invoice to mytravaly, printing invoice, profit-loss, and own branding can manage from a single platform.


Booking Engine

We get you a booking Engine in PMS, which you can use to make a reservation for walk-in guests. It has advantage of auto recognizing of guests of mytravaly, whomsoever stayed at any property listed in



Guset profile Management (GPM):Guest arrival info, registration including sharer info, POS billing like Food, Spa, etc services, raising bill, payment, printing invoice & RC, emails and departure info all includes in GPM.



It enables you with a live picture of your business; today’s booking, today’s arrival or departure, analytical pie chart, progress bar, user’s info and all module links to work in.



How you are or your team members are performing in order to achieve the goal. You (admin) need to analysis in, all modules report you will get in your email inbox.


User management

The UM system is designed to help employers in easier management of their employees;create/delete/manage users, attendance reports, list holidays,notices



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