6 A's of MyTravaly for Hotel Booking 05th May 2021

6 A's of MyTravaly for Hotel Booking

MyTravaly was founded in 2019, which is based in Bengaluru. MyTravaly web platform is proudly “Made in India”. MyTravaly has started property hosting across the Indian subcontinent and sooner it will expand around the globe.

MyTravaly focuses on property listing or hosting. MyTravaly provides information, pricing, availability, and booking facilities for the hotels, homestays, resorts, villas and much more. MyTravaly offers the best hotel options at affordable prices. MyTravaly is the best when it comes to affordable, hygienic & comfortable stay.

let's look at 6 A's of MyTravaly for Hotel Booking 


MyTravaly is accessible to you through a website and soon with mobile app. Anyone can book a stay with MyTravaly from anywhere and anytime. MyTravaly website has the best UI & UX design and it is easy to use, speedy and responsive. One can do hotel booking with MyTravaly in a few simple steps. 


MyTravaly is always available for queries and doubts. Anyone can reach out to us through email, hotline or video conferencing. MyTravaly provides you with 24/7 support from experts. MyTravaly has a team of well-trained and skilled staff, who are always happy to help with any kind of issues. 


MyTravaly provides the best affordable stay at reasonable rates. MyTravaly gives the option of price sorting while booking, according to your convenience. MyTravaly provides real-time pricing without any hidden charges and one can get free cancellation on nearly all the rooms. MyTravaly gives discounts and perks to loyal customers.


MyTravaly provides the finest amenities and services to make you comfortable. One can see photos and videos of the hotel for better decision-making. MyTravaly gives you the option of a bunch of hotels with amazing views and breathtaking services. MyTravaly provides every service you need and one can also customize the stay.


MyTravaly’s system is fully automated with few clicks, anyone can make a hotel booking through the website.  Whenever a person makes an account with MyTravaly, they get notifications and emails for regular updates and booking activities. The guest can write a review and rate the hotel after checkout and it instantly gets updated. Online booking with MyTravaly means faster payment and get done with booking in minutes.


As working from home has become new normal, MyTravaly has adapted this work culture. MyTravaly has a team of skilled employees from different parts of the world. After the pandemic, MyTravaly has been more focused on a well-sanitized, hygienic & comfortable stay. MyTravaly also provides the best places for a staycation with a marvellous view.

Booking a stay with MyTravaly will save efforts & time to make your journey wonderful. MyTravaly focuses on providing the best services and amenities to make your stay comfortable. MyTravaly will help you with every query and doubt. It’s super easy to make a hotel booking with MyTravaly and pay quicker or pay at the hotel. MyTravaly also concentrates on sanitization and hygiene. So, let’s start booking with MyTravaly right away!

This story is written by Dhawal Goshar

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