A guide for foodies paradise at Ladakh 10th Jun 2021

A guide for foodies paradise at Ladakh

Aren’t Leh and Ladakh on your bucket list because of the enthralling road trips it offers? But what you don’t know is the delicious cuisines it offers. A lot of people also think that food in Ladak means momos and soup but the reality lies far behind.

Ladakh’s food is inspired by Tibetan and Chinese cuisine which has a lot of variety and taste. When you are in one of the most beautiful places in the world, you will surely love everything there. One of the obvious thought that arises in minds of people is what to eat? Don’t worry, we have got you covered.

In our list today, we bring some toothsome dishes you must try in Ladakh!

Thupka: Wheat flour noodles served with meat sauce

Pava: It is a dish made by boiling peas in barley flour

Ladakhi Pulao: White rice dipped in flavours, served with mutton

Tigmo: Vegetarians paradise served with freshly baked bread

Saag: A very simple dish made from Spinach and served with roti

Kambir: Thick crust bread which is sweet with most of the dishes

Phirni: Boiled rice, vermicelli, milk and sugar served with dry fruits

Momos: Available in various shapes, sizes and flavours

Kulcha Bun: Speciality of Ladakh, generally eaten with tea

Holkur: Garnished with nuts and grains, it is a local biscuit

The list of mouth-watering food in Ladakh has no end and you should try all of them because it won’t be less than a criminal activity, if you finish your trip without grabbing these dishes.

There are few healthy ingredients that you will find in almost every cuisine of Ladakh. Most of the dishes would have a variety of nuts and dried fruits. Walnuts, almonds and raisins are there go-to nuts. They also use dry ginger powder and hing for flavouring the food. You will also find rice, pumpkin, beans and beetroot in their cuisines.

Their top dish includes momos and not a single type of momo but they serve varieties of it which is a pure delicacy. Different sauces, stuffing and dough makes it worth trying. Most people in Ladakh are non-vegetarians, so you will find a whole lot of variety for non-vegetarians. For vegetarians, you should try Saag, dam aaloo, lotus root and Korma saag.

Wazawan is a 36-course dish and it has been a part of their culture since 15th century. It is the traditional meal in Ladakh and is flavoursome. Most of it contains non-vegetarian dishes but you will find potato, beetroot, beans and pumpkin.

Apart from the traditional eateries, you will find few international hotels for tourists who come from different parts of the world. Many restaurants serve home food too and if you are on good terms with any local, then you should definitely ask them for home-cooked traditional food.

So, pack your bags and jump to the conclusion of visiting Leh and Ladakh now. You know it’s not only about food but a whole package of fun and enjoyment. For a fascinating trip and comfortable trip, book your stay with MyTravaly.  HAPPY EATING!

This story is written by Vedanshi Kumar: Content Writer-Team Head, MyTravaly

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