How my favourite actor Shahrukh Khan leads me to explore Goa 15th Apr 2020

How my favourite actor Shahrukh Khan leads me to explore Goa

After a long time in my existence dreaming of visiting India, finally I got the opportunity of studying in the national school of business of Bengaluru. From my childhood, I am loving the country, the food, the dresses and obviously the culture. After reaching Bangalore, my dream comes true. 

Hi, I am Imane Kiki, French by nation, Indian by heart. In the next 3 minutes, you are going to read about my trip in Goa.

Bengaluru: One day, I was non-stop watching my favourite actor's movies. Watching a Bollywood movie in the country of Bollywood had another taste of enjoyment. Oh Lala, just magnificent.

I was watching Josh, Shakrukh Khan’s movie picturize in Goa. I know about Mumbai, Delhi, but I don’t know this city Goa. 

Again, in another movie “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai” one group of friends went for a trip in Goa. Through the screen I liked the city, but it’s an old movie, so I checked on the internet and I loved it. Flying from Bangalore to this city will take me 1 hour. I’m having a college in 2 weeks, 2 weeks of free time. Enough time to plan for a Goa trip.

I finished my movies and booked my flight tickets, my friends reserved the hotel. After 2 days, my bag was in my hand, I’m flying to Goa. 

The city was ruled and colonized by Portuguese in the 16th century for 400 years. You can see that influence in Architecture and restaurants. 

We reached our hotel, I had a spacious room, clean and the staff were just amazing, very helpful. The bathroom had a big relax full Jacuzzi.

First night we ate in the restaurant “la Portuguesa” in Candolim Goa, it was our restaurant for the next 3 days. We used to have our lunch and dinner there. They provide a tasty Lasagna, a very cheesy pasta and awesome Mojito cocktails. 

The next day we visited, Panjim, the capital of Goa State. We walked on Fontainhas, the Portuguese area of Panjim, and we visited the beautiful and worldwide famous church “our lady of the immaculate conception”. There we met with French, Portuguese, Russian and other countries people. Everyone amazed by the beauty of the church and taking pictures. 

The sky was blue and the weather was humid with fresh air. People are used to foreigners, very welcoming, smiling happy faces and very helpful. Just WOW. 

We returned to Candolim where our hotel was, we had our dinner and went to Love Passion Karma Pub. Where I had an unforgettable night party. Bollywood music, we were dancing and singing in a crazy way. 

The next day we spent it rooming the city, roads and visited the Aguada Fort, we went by boat tour, where we saw baleens swimming, in the boat I lost my sunglasses. After that we spent our day in Sinquerim Beach, a beautiful and peaceful beach with very good restaurants and various activities. Fish was there delicious.

We had our last dinner in la Portuguesa as usual, and there, my favourite actor's, one of my favourite’s songs was playing. 

It was an evidence that I had to visit this beautiful and rich city.

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