Mesmerizing experience to KERALA-Munnar, Nature at Its Best 09th Sep 2020

Mesmerizing experience to KERALA-Munnar, Nature at Its Best

I visited Kerela-Munnar in the month of December which is the best time to visit (Beginning of winters). The weather was very pleasant and it was cold. I had a beautiful experience at Kerela backwaters and beaches with greenery all around with nature at its best. Kerela has very clean and beautiful roads and is best for road trips where you can enjoy the nature’s beauty. We had a home stay at “Home of Joy” resort in Changanassery, kerela. It is a mini resort in a calm and quite place with lots of grennery around. We had a comfortable stay here. Since it is a home stay, they also had a facility of kitchen.

We visited “Alappuzha” beach which was clean and beautiful with some food joints on the beach. We had a wonderful experience on houseboats in “Alleppey Backwaters” where we enjoyed beautiful view, sightseeing, beautiful sunset which bought dazzling orange sky. We were surrounded by nature which had lots of coconut and banana trees, beautiful sky and chirping of birds, trust me it felt like paradise. We experienced kerela authentic food which had delicious sambhar, appam, idli, dosa, kerela style prawn and chicken curry.

A beautiful hill station “MUNNAR” which is a 7-8 hours drive from kerela is a must visit place. Munnar is a town and beautiful hill station in idukki district of kerela. Roads from kerela to munnar is comfortable and tree shaded where on your way to munnar you will experience beautiful sightseeing, exotic waterfalls, beautiful valleys, green rolling hills ,various shades of green, emerald tea plantations, organic farms and breathtaking scenes the more you reach on height.

Munnar is all about weather, enjoying immense beauty of tea gardens, green lush hills, pure air and the place overall. Munnar is a very beautiful hill station and a extremely peaceful tourist place. One should not miss tea manufacturing factory, waterfalls and garden farms for organic spices.

Munnar has a speciality in organic and medical spices and herb. We stayed at “Tea country” resort which is a 4 star property. This resort is situated between the green mountains and valleys having villas and cottages. We had a warm and friendly welcome. Hospitality was great right from the check-in till check-out, perfect room services with wonderful amenities and  food was very appetizing with good amount of varieties. This resort has a beautiful ambience having colourful flowers and lots of greenery around where we could feel so close to nature. We also experienced mesmerizing view of munnar from our room.  We visited organic farm which was about organic herbs, tea, coffee and whole spices. We had a live experience on manufacturing of tea where we saw all stages of making of tea at tea factory. Munnar is a immensely beautiful, peaceful and a very clean hill station.

My trip to kerela-munnar was incredible and a memorable one!


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