My first trekking experience with friends 13th May 2020

My first trekking experience with friends

Five years ago when I was still pursuing my engineering in Andhra University, Vishakhapatnam. I and my friends have just finished our midterm exams and we were having a good amount of leisure. So, we all came up with a plan on going for a trip somewhere nearby but everyone has different places in their minds. Somehow the majority of the people were convinced with my plan of going on a trip to araku and explore the food, waterfalls, caves, etc.

Our trip was for 3 days so, we had enough time to cover almost everything in that region.

I still remember the taste of bamboo chicken we ate, honey we drank from beekeeping yards, local coffee from the plantations but the most unforgettable thing is the trekking itself. I am fascinated with mountains from my childhood. I always wanted to find thrill in scaling mountains, traveling, and exposing myself to the uncomfortable. I have a passion for high altitude trekking which has led me to explore katiki waterfalls in Araku Valley. An unforgettable trek with my friends was on my bucket list for several years. It is considered as one of the harder treks in that region with challenging terrain to negotiate and a stiff final climb up to the waterfall. The way to reach the waterfalls itself is jarring and ordinary vehicles cannot move on that surface. Gypsy was the only way to reach the foot of the hill and it was a really long bumpy ride from what I can remember. After we started trekking, the high altitude posed a stiff challenge as we go higher each step just made me breathless and I was being very cautious about my stepping as the surface was so narrow and slippery that one can slide down the hill. However, I pushed on and the aim was to reach the top with every step. A steep climb from the shoulder of the mountain and we finally reached the waterfall. It was absolutely exhausting and I was completely spent but the joy of reaching the goal revitalized me and in my mind, I was already planning for my next trek.

When I saw the waterfall that close, I felt like anyone can forget all their problems and get lost in the beauty of water tumbling down the mountain. It feels so lively to stand there and witness the marvelous creation of nature. I and my friends spent hours playing in the pool on the top of the hill. Every journey has something new to teach us and I had many takeaways from this one. It truly was an enlightening journey for me personally as I learn a great deal from the challenges that I faced on my trekking expeditions and apply those learnings in my life. Always being optimistic and persistent even when the circumstances are not in favor. Staying humble and understanding that some things happen in due course of time.

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