Reasons To Have An Online Hotel Reservation System? 10th May 2021

Reasons To Have An Online Hotel Reservation System?

Online hotel booking has made hotelier’s life simpler and easier. It’s a fact that online hotel booking is super easy than offline booking and booking a hotel through the agent is a time-consuming process. The online hotel reservation system has many benefits to hoteliers and one can easily book their stay through this platform. This system imparts more information to the consumer about properties and one can select a hotel according to their choice.

A hotel reservation system is a tool that schedules the dates and length of stay for guests as well as takes payment from them. This system reduces the workload of hoteliers and makes their business simpler.

The Advantages of Online Hotel Reservation System

Anywhere and Anytime

This online reservation system can be used anytime and anywhere and it also helps consumers to book a stay from anywhere. This system also helps to increase your productivity because you can use it 24/7. Hoteliers can log-in to this system from anywhere and keep an eye on their business.

Trouble-Free Booking

When consumers book their stay from hotel booking sites, the reservation will simply pop up in your system and all details about a guest. With these details, hoteliers can also confirm the reservation by calling or texting the guest. Now, all you have to do is get ready for their arrival and greet them.

Reduces Workload

Online reservation system also provides you accounting tool, so you can keep an eye on your figures and work on upselling your property. Photo and videos of your property will help the consumers to choose and decrease your efforts to explain about the property. Hoteliers can post photos about services, amenities and the view from the hotel and these will also help to get more guests.

Insight into Your Business

These online reservation systems also showcase the monthly or annual analytics of your business. hoteliers can keep track of each reservation, all the related details and work on upselling to increase revenue. Hoteliers will have all the information to better understand the guest and you can see ratings and reviews of your property.

Easy and Fast Payments

The mode of payment has also become easier with online hotel booking sites. The hoteliers also don’t have to wait for a longer time for payments and you can clear your paycheck in few days after guest checkout. The online payment system is more efficient, speedier and secure. It’s easy and fast to pay with your UPI, Debit or Credit card, Net banking, etc.

24/7 Support

Your partner booking sites is always happy to help you. You can reach out to them anytime with a hotline, email or video-conferencing. Anyone who needs help to customize their booking or make changes, get in touch with them. One can always get connected to experts for help and doubts.

The New Normal

The Travel and hospitality industry has tremendously changed after the pandemic. Consumers are now more cautious about cleanliness and hygiene. Hotels should have a safe and hygienic space with the daily sanitization of rooms, regularly disinfecting of common areas, clean bedding, practising of social distancing and temperature check of guest and staff. The safety and hygiene of customers are more important than ever.

MyTravaly provides an online reservation system to the hotelier when they sign up for our paid membership program. MyTravaly charges just for paid subscriptions and doesn’t collect a commission from hoteliers on every booking. With MyTravaly any hoteliers don’t have to share their profits.

MyTravaly online reservation system will provide hotelier with every service as mentioned above and We are happy to help you anytime. MyTravaly solely believes in growing hotelier’s business and help you earn more revenue. The hotelier’s can also analyze their profits and do accounting with our system. MyTravaly provides a super easy and simple system to understand and use. MyTravaly tries to buildup partner hoteliers business and promotes their property in every possible way. So, let’s start your new journey with MyTravaly.

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