Street food of Lonavala 03rd Aug 2021

Street food of Lonavala

Lonavala a city in Pune, Maharastra is one of the important hill stations and is considered to be as a weekend gateway. City is sourrounded by nature after reaching the place you can find lush greenery, scenic views everywhere. City is best location to have a one day long drive or weekend vacay. You can visit the place all year around to enjoy pleasant view.

Being a hill station you can find various types of food here which can keep you warm and which are tempting too. It has some famous street food to offer along with beautiful and cozy ambience restaurants and café. You find various spots which are from olden times and haven’t still lost their charms.

Famous street foods which are must to have

Vada Pav

For who don’t know Vada Pav is considered as an important of Maharastra’s fast food. This simple dish with pav and fried potato tastes so yum that you can’t resist from eating this. Lonavala is considerd as a hot spot to have some authentic Vada Pav. Also ask for extra chillies from the stall. Eating it from roadside stall is best combination.


Chikki is one of the famous must try sweet dish in Lonavala. A traditional Indian sweet made from nuts and jaggery. Earlier creation of chikki was done with just jaggery and crushed nuts but now you can find it in different flavours and varieties. Buying chikki from this hill station is considered as a souvenir. Do buy groundnut chikki and crushed chikki while exploring the place.

Misal Pav 

After Kolhapur, Pune is the city where you can find authentic spicy misal. Coming under Pune you don’t have to travel right up to Pune to taste misal you can take shortcut to Lonavala and try the misal here too. If spicy food is something you carving for being in the city nothing is better than misal pav. Try this spicy food in the pleasant weather which can turn your mood cheerful. 


Maggie is found almost in all the hill stations as well as on the beachside. Maggie is evergreen go to food and preferred by all. Rainy season in Lonavala is the best period to have a hot Maggie on the roadside. If outside food is not your thing then having Maggie in cold weather is the best combination you can ever have. 

Best joints to have food

Hotel Chandralok

If you want to have local Marathi thali, this is the place you can opt for to have proper lunch or dinner. The benefit of having meal in this hotel is that you can have unlimited desserts with the dish. Also you can find a well maintained and clean ambience of the hotel, along with quick and cooperative service. 

Golden Vada Pav    

This is the best spot recommended in the city to have some hot and yummy Vada Pav. Earlier the owner used to sell it in a stall but now you can find a proper shop with a big board along with the name written on it. Also, don’t forget to try Mangodis along with Vada Pav from this shop.

Hotel Annapurna

If you like simple hotel with simple and healthy food Hotel Annapurna is the right option. The best statement which can describe the hotel is simplicity in its best. Staff ambience and service all are very good and is known to attract customers for its homely food. Visit this place if you want to have motherly touch food. 

Having some rainy snack craving undertake a trip to Lonavala and enjoy the food in between of greenery.

Post is written by Ritika Arora: Content writer, MyTravaly

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