The affordable Luxury of the Contemporary India 02nd Sep 2020

The affordable Luxury of the Contemporary India

Lavish, luxurious, exclusive and extravagant; destination weddings are the undisputed epitome of that once in a lifetime celebration of your true love.

Envision yourselves, amidst the playful banter of your near and dear ones, and of course, that special someone, having a sumptuous meal, on the foothills of the whitewashed Himalayas, or the sand dunes of Jaisalmer, or the crystal clear waters of Mauritious. The excitement of getting hitched thousands of miles away from your hometown, makes your experience that much more magical.

Most destinations in India have wedding packages that beat out the added stress of planning the wedding.

Thus, the drawn out and mentally taxing aspects of sourcing supplies and essentials for your royal highness is taken care of by the dedicated planning staff at your hotel or cruise.

Getting down to business, the destination weddings industry was expected to have a CAGR of 25 to 30 percent touching a market size of about INR 45,000 Cr by 2020, However, these figures will have to be suitably revised considering a worldwide pandemic is ensuing. Several factors seem to have contributed to this uptick in numbers, chief among which is the rise of an aspirational class that has grown up amidst and been molded by social media.

The costs of destination weddings in India are surprisingly quite affordable in comparison to other economies, especially when it comes to accommodation and air travel. An Indicative list is given below.

Popular Beach Destinations

Avg. Daily Rate (ADR) for Luxury Properties in INR


16,000 - 19,000


10,000 - 12,000


9,000 - 11,000

 Popular Royal Destinations

Avg. Daily Rate (ADR) for Luxury Properties in INR


34,000 - 39000


27,000 - 37,000


38,000 - 42,000

 Popular Mountain Destinations

Avg. Daily Rate (ADR) for Luxury Properties in INR


12000 - 18000

Source of costs:

In conclusion, celebrating your special moment with your loved one is truly priceless memory to cherish over the ages, however, please keep in mind “the new normal” and obey the health advisories issued by your home as well as host states while celebrating your love.

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