Travel Guide to Guwahati 27th Jul 2021

Travel Guide to Guwahati

The bustling metropolis of Guwahati is an entrance to haven of Northeast India. One of the largest city and fastest growing city in the state. The city is major centre of business, shopping and economics and is home to prestigious educational institutions. The region is blessed with wildlife, natural beauty and traditional and rich culture.

As the second largest commercial tea production the tea produced here is exported to different parts of the world. The busiest tea trading facility Assam Tea Auction is the important centre in the town. Follow this guide for visiting Guwahati and enjoy exploring the capital city.

Best Time to Visit Guwahati

Guwahati has different charms in different seasons, but to explore the city at its best October to March. This is the best time when you can see the state in its true charm. The weather is good and almost all the attractions are open for visitors.

How to reach Guwahati

Assam is very much accessible by three major modes of transport Air, Railways and Road. The fastest way to reach the state is by taking flight to capital city of Guwahati. Guwahati Airport Lokapriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport is just 25 km away from city centre.

By railways you can board the train to Guhawati the capital which is very much accessible to different parts of state. Train to Guhawati is available from major metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Bangalore.

By road Guhawati is connected to the states of Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal through National Highway 31. National Highway 37 connects capital city with almost all the major cities of Assam.

Where to stay in Guwahati

Being the capital city, the place is always bustling with different mindsets of tourists. Hence finding a accomodation is not difficult here. You can choose staying options as per your choice and budget. Some of the prominent options you can find here are homestays, 3, 4 or 5-star hotels as well as luxury resorts and the villa can be easily found here.

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Things to do in Guwahati

Embrace the local culture in Sulakuchi 

A weavers town in northern bank of Brahmaputra River and is called as Manchester of East for its silk production. Almost every house in this town is a weaver’s paradise. You will get pure woven Mekhala Chadar and dress materials. Not only woven art but the natural landscapes are also worth watching here. Do not forget to shop for famous silk from here.

Shrimanta Shankaradeva Kalashetra- Art Lovers spot

This spot is famous for art lovers and intellectuals. Artists can visit this place to showcase their talent. You can various cultural shows in the open air such as drama, dance and music performances. Despite this, you can enjoy watching the paintings of famous painters in this museum.

Do not forget to try cable car ride which is the most important attraction of the place.

Assam State Museum- Soak in Culture

Want to know more about Assam culture and traditions? Heading to this place is the solution for you. This museum give you the taste of real Assam culture, museum is as old as 7th century and is a must visit place in North East India. All the history lovers do not forget to visit this museum and explore your love for history.

Saraighat Bridge

This magnificent beautiful bridge is an interface between the Northeast and rest of India. To all the bike lovers undertake a trip to this bridge where you can enjoy the scenic view along with a peaceful environment. Visting this place in evening to enjoy the soulful sunset scenery.


For love of food, all the foodies need to visit this place to try different cuisine. In the middle of capital city, you will foodvilla which is best place to try the authentic Assamese cuisine. Along with tasting food you will also get to learn about the spices and some recipes of the culture too.

Follow this guide to Guwahati and ensure your memorable trip in this capital city of North East. Right from huge natural landscapes, food escapes, and a historical spot to wildlife gateway the capital city offers you all.

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