Adiyogi @ Isha yoga, Coimbatore

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Adiyogi @ Isha yoga, Coimbatore

Coimbatore, an entrepreneurial town, is the second largest city in Tamil Nadu, next to Chennai. Surrounded by mountains and hills, the city enjoys salubrious weather most part of the year, except during summer months. Ooty, the most popular hill station lies just 90 km from Coimbatore.

Nearly 30 km from Coimbatore city centre, on the foothills of Velliangiri Mountains, lies the Adiyogi Statue and Isha Yoga Centre, commissioned by sadhguru.
The centre welcomes lakhs of devotees from abroad and far away places, along with national citizens, every year.

Adiyogi : The first Yogi is the iconic bust statue perfected after 2.5 years of designing. It holds a proud place as the ''Largest Bust Sculpture in the World'' in Guinness book of World Records. 

With a mammoth size of 112 ft height, 150 ft length and 25 ft width, the magnificent steel sculpture signifies 112 ways to attain the ultimate yogic path. 

The Rudraksha Mala on Adiyogi contains 1,00,008 rudraksha beads, absorbing immense cosmic energy from the Master of Yoga : Lord Shiva himself. The mala is changed on Maha Shivarathri day every year and the rudraksha beads are gifted as blessings to devotees, for safe keeping. 

As we reached the venue, the complex was abuzz with frantic activities for the grand celebration of Maha Shivarathri. Adiyogi, with his head held high and a serene blissful expression on his face, pulls us like a powerful magnet. With the setting Sun splashing the sky crimson, Adiyogi was any photographer's dream subject. Multiple clicks on all angles and directions, still our hearts craved for more. Such is the effect !🙂

We sauntered through the tree-lined pathway admiring the complex and relishing the refreshments from the stalls on the way.  At the end of the pathway, the cloak counter staff collected our mobile phones and cameras 😐 Alas ! No more photos....

We entered the main entry way into Isha Yoga Centre and the massive complex was impressive. The mercury-shivalingam lying immersed in a pool/kund, is said to radiate positive energy through the waters. Devotees are allowed to get into the waters called Chandrakund and Suryakund, to take a dip, touch and pray the idol to feel the vibes.

We walk through the lily pond, a small bridge over the Koi fish pond, souvenir shop with lots of interesting knick knacks and reach Linga Bhairavi - the female form of Lingam, a rare one, both fierce and compassionate at the same time, a true feminine form. The deity looks all empowering and absorbing.

And finally we reach the Pyramidal dome of Dhyanalingam, a master piece of astounding aesthetic beauty. The dome is an elliptical hemisphere, built of bricks and mildly lit, with segregated cubicles ideal for meditation. Absolute silence needs to be maintained inside, since even the slightest of sounds deflects off the dome, creating a mushed-noisy effect, disturbing the meditators. 

Dhyanalingam is the largest mercury-based Shivaling at 9 ft 3 inches, artistically carved, encoiled by a serpent. A copper dome on top of the shivalingam drips water drops continuously on it.  This multi-cultural shrine was developed for the sole purpose of immersive meditation. 

The blissful silence is for one to experience. Shut out all the outside noises; build a firewall against them; tune your senses to the strong silence. The mind floats into unknown territories, with lightning images, irrelevant thoughts...but hold still. Soon the engrossing cosmic energy reverberating around catches up with you, gliding your mind into a tremendously powerful space, fostering your inner peace and happiness. A 20 minute meditation makes you refreshed and relaxed.

We took the bullock cart ride to get back to Adiyogi statue, just for the joy of it! The bulls looked healthy, clean and well maintained.  There were special pujas going on at the Yogeshwar Lingam, said to be the manifestation of five chakras of human body, consecrated near Adiyogi statue. 

As the dusk set in, we relaxed on the steps of Adiyogi admiring his yogic expression and absorbing the atmosphere around. Isha yoga centre promotes wellness and inner well being through Yoga and meditation techniques. They conduct inhouse programmes and volunteering options. For further details, you can refer to their website :

Coimbatore can be an ideal weekend trip from Chennai, Bangalore or Kochi, entertaining you with mouth watering South Indian cuisine, adventure spots, wildlife safaris and temples like :

  • Marudhamalai - A small hill housing a Murugan temple on top. Reach in the evening and enjoy a leisurely climb through the comfortable steps. You can take your car / bike to the top too. Enjoy the view of the city from the top.
  • GeDee Museum - displays a neatly arranged vintage car collection of G D Naidu.
  • Gass Museum - Run by the agricultural university, this museum keeps your children engrossed with its excellent displays and details of flora and fauna
  • Kari Race Track - A formula 3 style racing track for bikers and cars, this arena hosts National Championships and other track events
  • Kovai Kutrallam - A picturesque waterfalls formed by Siruvani River, proffering camping options near the banks.

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