Famous Hollywood movies that shot their extensive scenes in India

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Famous Hollywood movies that shot their extensive scenes in India

It's just as exciting to spot Indian locations in a Hollywood film as it is to see Bollywood blockbusters shot in exotic foreign destinations. Several Hollywood films have been shot in India, showcasing some of the country's most iconic sites and promoting India's allure in Hollywood. So, here are a few Hollywood films that were partially or entirely shot in India.


Tenet, Christopher Nolan's long-awaited film, was the first to be shown in cinema theatres after the coronavirus outbreak.
The film was shot in many locations across Mumbai, including the Colaba Causeway, outside the famed Cafe Mondegar, the Breach Candy hospital, Gateway of India and behind the Taj Hotel. Christopher Nolan was seen shooting John David Washington and Dimple Kapadia on the Mumbai streets.


The blockbuster Netflix film starring Chris Hemsworth and Ranveer Hooda was shot in India in great portion. It is directed by Sam Hargrave & written by Joe Russo. The many action scenes that were said to be taking place in Dhaka were actually shot in Ahmadabad in Gujarat.

The Dark Knight Rises

Remember the scene in which Bruce Wayne, a.k.a. Batman escape from prison? Christopher Nolan's 2012 action thriller was also shot in Jodhpur. While Bruce Wayne is held hostage in a jail established in the United Kingdom, the breakout sequence is filmed in the famed Mehrangarh Fort in India.

Mission Impossible 4

The fourth instalment of Tom Cruise's spy series was shot in Mumbai's small streets. Anil Kapoor also starred in the film. The film's second unit was shot the majority of the action and outdoor scenes in Mumbai, which will mostly consist of action scenes including car chase. Tom Cruise and the heroine were spotted driving through the lanes of Bora Bazar, which is located opposite CST railway station.

Life of Pi

The storyline of this Hollywood film is around "Pi", Patel who survives a horrific shipwreck and shares a lifeboat with Tiger. Another well-known Hollywood film set in India's Kerala and Puducherry is Life of a Pi. Tabu and Irrfan Khan also star in the film as key characters.

Slumdog Millionaire

This movie, starring Anil Kapoor, Irrfan Khan, Dev Patel, and Frieda Pinto, received much international recognition. The film was shot in slums and depicts the lives of those who live there. Scenes were shot in Dharavi, Asia's largest slum, and the Juhu slums. Agra was also used for several scenes.

Our country's vibrant hues, rustic charm, historic sites and tourist attractions make it a particularly appealing film location. Bollywood directors, as well as Hollywood filmmakers, are drawn to India. Many directors, including Kathryn Bigelow, Danny Boyle, Christopher Nolan, Wes Anderson, and others, have shot films in India, some of which have won critical acclaim. Follow MyTravaly Community page for more such blogs.

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