Honest confessions of my three months internship at Mytravaly

MyTravaly_Logo  Somya Aditi 22 Jan, 2021 14 mins read 151
Honest confessions of my three months internship at Mytravaly

The interview was horrible no doubt, I can't exaggerate my nervousness enough, the man with curly hair was drinking coffee in a sky blue mug, just looking at me though I found him really cool his calmness was making me sweat even more, I thought I'm already out, HR Ma'am was sweet but that wasn't helping me calm down anyway, yet I somehow sailed through, so let's not talk about that.
So I, Somya Aditi joined Mytravaly as  a Content Writer and impatiently wanted to create some good copies.
It wasn't that I couldn't write but I can recall a lot of hurdles in between.
What were they ?? 
My own lack of consistency, impatience, horrible time management and many more of them.
My intentions were completely pure, I never wanted to escape any responsibility but too naive to understand that completing a task needs a lot of other values than just a will to complete it. The lack of discipline, organizational skills, taking things lightly, these problems appear small but I myself have known the consequences it can bear, and someone who knows the disaster even better than me, the man in my interview. 
I wanted to complete all my tasks at once, I'd make unrealistic checklist and to meet that I'd do nonsense, At the end of the day I had 2-3 articles all incomplete, wasted my time researching about all those and then the man asks for the one which is complete to which I'd be dumbstruck, because none of them are ready to be published.
To write some of the articles I had to interview some of our partners, damn that task appeared so difficult ! Once I even thought if I knew I'd have to talk to someone before joining I wouldn't have, I'd have escaped this like I've done most of the things in life but I didn't have the guts to say.
If you've followed through you'd notice I did not have a single attribute of a sincere employee, I'm procrastinating, making excuses and such a failure and the irony is even I did not know that I am one!! I used to write when I felt like, when I am in a good mood haha such a child!             
No, I won't say that one day my boss blasted upon me and I transformed, I haven't completely transformed even today but that 40-50% of my changed temperament has a significant story and the protagonist(the main character) isn't even me. 
"you don't build a business, you build people , then people build the business"
No Boss in my eyes knows this or can practice this better than him.
Just as a teacher teaches a child makes him learn and know about things relevant and irrelevant of the academics which lets the child open up to the world and has a huge role in the attitude and mindset of a child, I swear I'm being honest this curly haired man has been after me all through these 4 months, and i'm not saying that I was anyone special he does this to each one of us(employees), a full hand support on guidance upon every small things, being a CEO ( yes, I was talking about our ceo  all this while, he doesn't even let's us call him 'Sir' and he has silky long curls which you'd love to see dangling when he laughs in the meetings or nods his head.) 
He cares about us like his very own family, he'd address every personal and professional difficulty of ours, correct our mistakes and be at our back all through, we know to whom we need to go if we're facing some issue, achieved a milestone, need guidance or motivation and what not!
His firm, husky voice motivates us in every morning meeting, he is grateful for every single thing in life yet doesn't stop hustling day in and out and I just can't mention here all the things we learn from him each day!! The way he addresses problems, motivates himself, designs strategies, fuels our performances. It's nothing different from magic upon which I can write a whole book. The day he made me realize the mistakes and negligence I was doing at work I confessed myself that I'm not good enough to continue working here, I'm sure Hamlet had thought this several times before but as I'm here even today you'd better know what must have happened.
'Helped' is an understatement dear he hasn't just tolerated , set hopes, motivated and rigorously worked with me to make me understand and learn so much about the domain I am working in, the day he understood that I need to be pushed time and again he won't leave that work on me he consistently does this even today, which helped me realize a lot of things that too in such a short period. Don't see it as 4 months, we have holidays on saturday and sunday's therefore we only have approx 20 working days in a month so deducting my personal holidays I think I changed a lot in just 50 days I would say. The only credit which I give to myself is believing that I'd overcome my shortcomings and be a better person in all the aspects.

Now, after this while I need not to think twice when I have to interview someone, I don't feel like death when a deadline is given, I don't feel blank when I'm asked about the work done, don't feel ashamed when mistakes or flaws are pointed rather work on them, do not try to complete all tasks and end up doing none, don't remain in dilemma rather contact and address that and take things easy and seriously at the same time. All because I somehow, half heartedly stepped up to give all those tasks a try, for which I'm thankful.    

Hamlet always says   ' our work is our best boss', and I realized this time and again! 
 The most difficult thing in this journey for me was to keep patience with 'myself' . The experience of shifting from a hunky dory enjoyable college life to a responsible and prompt employee I hadn't thought would be this tough, I could endure only because I had support from a lot of people around me. It would be unfair if I didn't mention my cousins who stood beside me like pillars and made me see the things I couldn't at that hour due to my gullibility. It was them who made me believe that I could improve when I was crying and persuaded me to hold when I was determined to quit and I'm glad I followed them then.  
I got the privilege of watching closely how a company grows, how dreams transform into reality and how much effort and will is needed, what all it takes to be an entrepreneur and what difference can an employee create at a company. How a passionate man can create history and still be humble, be a boss and yet make employees feel of him as someone in their family. This journey in mytravaly let me closely watch it all and was certainly a privilege to witness a company function and grow together due to each person's hard work and dedication and above all how a company inspires and transforms people's lives who are directly connected to which I'm a witness. 
I also learnt how things are never easy, it is our mindset which makes us sail through. There will be times  when you would miscalculate people and the same would also be done to you, in those moments we ought to keep patience. I'm still struggling to learn a lot of basic things even today like listening to the other person and such but I feel that your surroundings also have a major role in it,  keeping patience with your fallacies because you are also an important part.

Today, I honestly feel I did not know how to write, how to address the difficulty, How is being passionate about something, I just knew that I could be better just that and saw my colleagues, I observed Ankit, Shadab the dedication the perseverance they put in their chores, and if they can being in the same place how can I not? or like am I weak at my skills? thoughts like these pushed me here where I am today, a better employee than a month ago for which I'm grateful enough. 
Sailing through this three months internship is as big an achievement for me as Shadab's becoming Asst. Manager, not just because of the areas I improved upon but also coped with the first time office work, along with several other things going in my life in that period, there were people who left in between and I'm proud I endured and completed it successfully.
Today, in the morning Hamlet said to all of us two times "you are good at what you do believe me you are good at it" and I felt as if this was said for me, maybe because I needed it and I truly felt that I'm here because I could do, so let's try and then completed this story which you are reading which I was planning since 3 days were left of my internship, yes again late but I'm satisfied as I have more to express today than that day. These are few of the reasons for which I feel that 'mytravaly' is MY company, let's create something great for it and I own a special place which I can't let anybody take and have realized this time and again so I won't. I'm ready for the challenges, setbacks, hurdles and everything that would cause difficulty but I'm certain that I'd manage taking Mytravaly to greater heights and never look back at my insecurities. 

The culture?? I haven't received a single call after the work hours till date or on weekdays, not even one meeting or day felt like a burden, nor a single person talked rudely, haven't been denied a single leave howsoever frequent it may be, not a single thing I did for mere formality, day doesn't seem normal if did not attend the morning meeting. Hamlet being the CEO never fails to join us every morning and evening for some irrelevant discussion to relax, interesting thing is we work remotely but take breaks from all corners together. I wait for the fun friday to play virtual games with my colleagues, by any chance if I'm stuck in any difficulty my office colleagues are ones whom I definitely expect to empathize and funniest thing is I miss my office on a long break and be excited if i'm joining after a holiday  which speaks volumes about the values and ethics maintained at a workplace and yes we have a great one which you can't deny!  

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