How Mytravaly Will Promote Your Hotel To New Customers

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How Mytravaly Will Promote Your Hotel To New Customers

Hey hoteliers, MyTravaly is here to increase your visibility on the internet and grow your traditional business. Our website can multiply your hotel’s reach and attract the guest from multiple geographics. Hoteliers can update or revise their real-time rates with the help of a channel manager so you have better control online. To check the hotel’s credibility while booking, guests can read reviews and see ratings on our website.

Booking through our website, there is absolute transparency as your guest can check reviews and see photos of the hotel’s view, room and amenities.
This transparency gives a better experience to your customers and helps you to make a stronger brand image. MyTravaly also focuses on the smaller or mid-sized hoteliers, who could not think of competing for bookings with larger hotel chains.

MyTravaly always takes a lot of effort to promote your hotel through different online channels and brings you more business. So, Let’s look at our channels which will promote your hotel. 


After you register on our website, you can go to the promotion option and add new promotions. You can also customize your promotion according to dates or needs. Once you choose this promotion option, our website will advertise your hotel in the area. Promoting on our website will help you to beat competitors in the area.     


Our website also has a traveller's community page, where we post blogs about your area once you sign up via a hosting account. Through blogging, we promote your hotel and exhibit the best feature. In blogs, we also showcase the best places to visit, things to do or activities around and local food to eat. We deliver the best justification to guests about your hotel and places to visit around the town. 

Social media

Social media is the best tool to promote your hotel. We use social media platforms likeFacebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. It is free of cost and very effective to reach new customers. Once you partner with us, we post stories, reels, photos and videos about your hotel and showcase the services and amenities provided. We post images of the hotel and answer the comments and DMs of people.


YouTube is the best tool to promote your property through videos. The visuals always help the guest with decision making. We upload the videos showcasing the view, services, amenities and interior of your hotels. We also include the best places to visit around, activities in the area and local food to eat. 


MyTravaly also uses email marketing to send a new bunch of hotel options around the area. Email marketing helps us to gain traffic on our website and promote your property on the top. We send information and photos about the property through email to attract new customers toyour property. 

Word of Mouth

MyTravaly sends the information to the new or our loyal customer by texting them on WhatsApp and let them know about your property. We spread the word of mouth by helping them with our hotline and also provide customization options to grow your revenue.  

Affiliate Marketing

MyTravaly’s goal is to increase traffic to your property listings on our website by promoting the property through links on other websites. The reason why a guest book the hotel from an affiliate link is that they trust MyTravaly. The consumer is reliable on MyTravaly because we provide the best services and amenities.

Brand Ambassador

MyTravaly turns the guest into a brand ambassador. Our happy guestspost the pictures and videos across social media or write a blogby tagging us and the hotel. Many bloggers are also connected with MyTravaly, who writes blogs on websites or make content for social media and this helps to promote hotels. 

MyTravaly tries to flourish your business and helps you to get new customers through various channels. We are also launching the MyTravaly mobile app for easy and speedy management of your property. We are doing our best to boom your business and your development matters to us. We always take care of partners and customers. So, start listing your property with MyTravaly.
This story is written by Dhawal Goshar


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