How to practically save money for your next travel trip

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How to practically save money for your next travel trip

Does traveling the world still seem an unrealistic dream to you? If yes, then here we are with some practical and effective money-saving hacks that'll help you fund your trip to the countries you've only heard of till now.

The foremost thing that you need to do is to calculate the estimate that you'd be needing to visit the places you want to travel to, for that you need to understand the type of trip you'd be choosing, you just need to have a general idea of the distance of your destinations like if you plan to travel a little farther example like New York or Bora Bora would cost you more than Thailand and Hong Kong, also undoubtedly the budget is directly proportional to the number of days you are going to stay at a place.

Coming back to our focus that is saving money for travel here are some realistic hacks that'll help you easily fund the trip you always wanted to take after a certain period.

Switch from card to cash 

Well, this is the most common and effective rule of saving money, which is because you think of worth of the items for which you are paying by your own hands, every time you pay someone you are reminded of the amount last spent, the amount left, always agree on paying lesser than you would have done online and lastly you cannot spend when you don't have but remember you cannot take it on your card if you've run out! for ensuring that you can leave those cards at home when going to shopping. Transfer the money you think you have saved at the end of the day to your savings account from which you are not supposed to retrieve unless emergency.

The magic of budgeting

Set up a budget according to your income and needs and try to stick to it through every thick and thin you'll be shocked to notice how much extra we spend each day.

You can designate a fixed amount to each domain of expenditure which you aren't supposed to exceed, for every month. you can also categorize every utility items into a-b-c like categorize most necessary items on 'a', little necessary into 'b' and not necessary at all into 'c' and likewise decide for which you should spend.

Revise your outdoor bills

You can always cut short your expenses on eating out or ordering, also do not order food when hungry because we are more likely to order some costly, unhealthy items. We usually do this more than often to escape from cooking due to various reasons with unwanted expenses. Along with this you can control your hunger for accessories, footwear, and clothes which you don't actually need but you buy just because you found it cute, or maybe it's on-trend, your friend convinced you of that and you had your card in the purse(carry only cash) monitoring your spendings is recommended every week which reminds you the reason of your saving and you try to cut it short desperately.

Shop in off-seasons

We have a tendency to run after the trend in sought of which we end up spending heavily and later realize the real worth of the material bought in the heat of the fashion, we can avoid such unnecessary expenses by shopping for winter collections just after it ends and not when it has just begun which leads to some significant savings in your final yearly bill, you can just wait till the price of the new trends drops a little, and this hack applies right from electronics to clothing and can make some significant price cuts in your monthly as well as yearly expenses. Also, you can try no shopping challenge for a particular category like no spending on clothes for a particular season same can be done for ordering food outside.

Refrain from impulse purchases

If you are someone who cannot stick purely to your needs and increase a lot of expense by purchasing on impulse more than often here is the solution, get your items purchased by someone else he\she will bring exactly the things that you need, you can also reach those shops and get your stuff picked aside which you can just collect or maybe take some amount to get it delivered to your doorstep which stops you from making a lot of unnecessary expenses which creates a difference when calculated altogether.   


We would recommend this classic method of money-saving again and again till you start slipping small bucks into this after every two or three days, you can try this for like 2 months and imagine the massive amount which seems impossible to save now but can do if you are true to your goal, the sole reason being it is not reversible and also you don't hesitate to keep the amount aside because of the trifle collection that you do every day which sums up to the larger amount. You can use no- spend challenge on suppose Rs 20 note, you are not supposed to spend the note of this value anytime you receive or have this you are liable to put this in your piggy bank to insure you transfer a significant amount each time you shop or receive the change.

Monitoring your various bills

You can save on your monthly electricity bills by taking care of the time for which you switch your AC, maintaining the level of heating or cooling you need instead of carelessly handling them, switch to energy-efficient bulbs like LED, rethink on your subscription plans whether or not you avail them and accordingly spend on them, reduce upon your grocery bills by sticking only to the list items you'll be needing and not buying which you think you'd use but end up wasting rather note such items for the next time you'd visit the grocery.

Set a solid reminder after every week to transfer the saved amount to your savings account and also stick to a fixed certain amount to send on the last day of every week to make sure you are up in the process and the small successes give you the motivation to continue, the enthusiasm may end after some time if you do not practice this regularly.  

When you have a significant amount after adding some from your income to your yearly savings you can finally save while bookings through travel rewards avail from the discounts on travel services that help track most reasonable flight as well as hotel services. 

When talking of best deals on accommodation the discussion is incomplete without mentioning that brings the most happening deals on accommodation with the best services on booking, comfort, cancellation, and lets you remain tension free so that you can fully enjoy your holiday trip for which you've taken pains to save MyTravaly ensures you can live to the fullest on your dream holiday trip through its exceptional services.

Also, let us know about some hacks that you follow and have helped you achieve your target fund for planning your travel trip.

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