How is Halloween celebrated around the world?

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Halloween is the most well-known holiday in the world. People celebrate it differently depending on where they are from. On this day, different traditions and rituals are observed around the world. Aside from the traditional Halloween activities in the United States, such as trick-or-treating and dressing up in scary costumes, and carving pumpkin, there are numerous other activities that people participate in on this day.

Halloween is thought to be one of the oldest holidays. Typically, this falls on October 31st. These dates may change in some countries, but the element of fun and enjoyment remains the same.

Here is a list of countries that uniquely celebrate Halloween.

Día de los Muertos-The Day of the Dead-Mexico

This day is observed to remember the deceased members of the family who, on that day, return to earth to meet their family. Flowers are placed on the pictures of deceased relatives, food is served, and the house is kept clean. It is believed that burning a candle and an incense stick will help the dead relatives find the house more easily.

Their graves are clean and are decorated with flowers. Some families hold a picnic near the graves to remember their loved ones who have died. This three-day event begins on the evening of October 31st. People dress up and put on makeup, believing it will ward off evil spirits.


This ancient Celtic festival is thought to be the forefather of Halloween. Lighting a bonfire in rural areas, as was done in the past to honour the dead souls and keep the darkness at bay. In exchange for food, children dress up in costumes and walk around the neighbourhood singing songs. The traditional food is called Barmbrack. It is a type of fruit cake that is only served on Halloween.

The kids in the neighbourhood enjoy playing games and pulling pranks. Pranks include ringing the doorbell and fleeing before the door is opened.

The Halloween Parade in Kawasaki- Japan

This is Japan's most celebrated holiday, and people from all over the world come to see the parade. This parade began in the 1990s and is still well-attended by the public. This day is jam-packed with parties and events. This day is all about scary costumes and horror movies playing in theatres.

The parade's soul is its costumes, and the best costume is rewarded.

Giant Kite Festival -The Day of the Dead-Guatemala

The people of Guatemala and the Mayan Community celebrate the Day of the Day, and families gather to recall loved ones who have died. Graves in cemeteries are cleaned and decorated with orange flowers to symbolise the safe return of the deceased relatives to earth from the afterlife. To communicate with the ancestors, giant colourful kites are made and flown in the cemetery.

On this day, keep an eye out for these massive kites.

Halloween is all about remembering the dead souls of families. While the reason for celebrating Halloween is the same, the rituals and customs vary depending on where you go. If you want to experience Halloween to the fullest, the above-mentioned locations are perfect.

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