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Must Do Things in Bangkok

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Must Do Things in Bangkok

Looking for a vacation abroad with family? Think of traveling to Bangkok with your family and take a break from your packed work. Bangkok has a lot to offer for your kids also, so when you visit there it would be an experience full of excitement and exhilaration. One of the most exciting cities in Thailand, Bangkok offers amazing nightlife too. With a vibrant culture and exotic cuisine, there is a plethora of experience you should definitely gain.

Make a planned trip for a week and you will witness some unbelievable scenes of jubilation. If you are someone who takes interest in history and culture, Bangkok would be a perfect vacation choice for you too.
You will get a little overwhelmed while you discover the city. The possibilities for your kid’s enjoyment are also endless and if you want to spend some romantic leisure time with your wife, then also Bangkok is a perfect place. From luxurious tours to fascinating animal safaris, Bangkok will give you a trip full of memories.

 Here’s a hand-curated list of places one should visit while exploring Bangkok:

Visit the Museum of Siam

If you are someone who looks for historical places in the city or you are interested to get a hint about the history of the place, you should definitely visit the Museum of Siam. It is very different from other museums. It depicts the history of Bangkok in a very artistic and attractive manner.  When you take a tour, it will surely take you back in time and grab your attention in a very different manner. For someone who is a shutterbug, this place will definitely be your best experience. The museum also remains one of the go-to places for kids as there are a lot of things they would learn and love to see. There are a lot of exhibitions that happen inside the museum and they are a major tourist attraction. If you face a problem while exploring, there is an audio guide set inside the museum in 8 different languages for the traveller.

Don’t miss the adventurous Safari World

One of the exciting places that you should visit with your friends and family is Safari World. If you have toddlers travelling with you to Bangkok, then you should take a day and visit Safari World. There is an open space in the Safari world, called Safari Park, where you can drive in with your car or bus. The bird park is about 180 acres and the open zoo measures 480 acres. The place is home to animals like zebras, camels, antelopes, Gazelles and Rhinos. You will also witness a variety of birds like ostriches, pelicans, cranes, and nightmarish marabou storks. It’s like a zoo but not exactly a zoo. On the other part of the zoo, you can explore Marine Park where you will witness a lot of shows, amazing lip-smacking food and other adventures. The visiting hours are 9 am to 6 pm

Seek blessings from the temple of Buddha

One of the largest temple complexes in the city, the Temple of Reclining Buddha is also known as Wat Pho. The statue of Buddha is 48 meters long and Indians would love the charismatic view. It is considered a prominent place for Thai Massage in the country. The four chapels inside the campus have more than 400 gilded images of Buddha.  The colourful tiles and ceramic pottery flowers make the view even more beautiful. The Chinese Statue makes the landscape even more serene. The visiting hours of the temple are from 8 AM to 5 PM and the Thai massage is available till 5 PM. People usually witness the Buddha temple and leave but the complex has much more to be explored. You should plan a second trip to Wat Pho and explore the rest of the part.

Empty your pockets at Chatuchak Market

For an amazing shopping experience, visit the weekend Chatuchak Market and empty your pockets a little bit. Although Bangkok has great shopping malls and floating markets but the Chatuchak Market is the largest market in South Asia and is diverse. It has more than 7500 stalls offering something for everyone. You will find the best leather goods, jewellery and amazing cloth accessories here. With a wide variety and best range, this is a perfect place for shopaholics. You can buy gifts for your beloved family and friends. The market is known as the weekend market as it opens only on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays between 9 AM to 6 PM.  The market has everything you want but you can’t explore the entire market in one day. So when you visit Bangkok, keep atleast two days of your weekend free, so you can take full enjoyment of the Chatuchak Market. Hold hands of your toddlers properly as it is a very crowded market.

Don’t leave Bangkok without giving a visit to these places.  Plan your trip in such a way that you cover everything and enjoy to the fullest. There is a lot more to do and explore because Bangkok is a never-ending happy place. You can never get tired of roaming around the city and exploring every part of it. Make your travel plans this upcoming holiday and rush with your family to one of the most pleasing cities in the world, Bangkok.

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