Old City Dhaka, local food, local cultures, local stays

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Old City Dhaka, local food, local cultures, local stays

What to Look in old Dhaka?

Bangladesh is a small country sitting in the lap of Asia marking its own unique lifestyle unknown to the world. 

Dhaka is the capital city of the country that is bustling with humans drenched in the color of the authentic culture of Dhaka. 

Dhaka is a massive city with life running at its own pace. While the city has extended its boundaries over the years, the old Dhaka still has the same face and tranquility to its vivacious beauty. The city is filled with colonial architecture. The huge old mansions and buildings will take you back to an era lived 100 years ago.
But the ancient buildings have not been preserved by the time and are in extreme need of renovation. 

What looks like a strange city with unknown street alleys running by without a name, life in old Dhaka is no less than an adventure every single day. 

The bustling town is alluring to the eyes. The part of the city that only housed fragile old buildings with antique architecture and moldering mansions once has lost a lot of its charmers as in 2004 an exquisitely old building collapsed thus making government order demolishment of several such buildings. There still are a lot of mansions dating back to the colonial era singing the tale of the victorious Mughal Empire’s reign in the city. 

While being one of the fastest growing megacities on the continent, Dhaka cannot be termed beautiful but is rather polluted.

Then what is it that can get you rewarded with an experience worth spending time in this desperately populated city?

The historic Old Dhaka will stun you with exceptional religious monuments and mosques along with incredibly captivating mansions on each side of the street expressing the vibrant culture, and tradition of the city.

What to eat in old Dhaka?

While the old city is an explicit display of everything unique and antique, the authentic food cannot be left far behind.

Old Dhaka is foremost popular for the tremendous hubs of scrumptious authentic food that will color your taste buds in the way you would have never experienced before. The food of this city has a deviant influence on and by the culture of life in Dhaka.

Walking by the streets, you will be mesmerized with the tempting smell of a variety of Biryanis and several other dishes with exceptional flavors of spices and a touch of aesthetic traditions of the city.

Enter the streets of Old Dhaka and lay your eyes out for exotic biryanis, the most popular food item of Dhaka. The extraordinary flavors of numerous biryanis will only make you crave for more and more.

Made and served with love for hundreds of years in Bangladesh, Bakhorkhani is an exotic biscuit like snacks that can be salty and sweet. Served with honey or caramel this dough baked in a box-like traditional oven is an absolute delight to taste. While the snack is found around the city, but the fragrance and mystic taste is only found in Old Dhaka.

As you walk down the Chawakbazar of Old Dhaka, your eyes will meet with the most delicious delicacy served on a platter called Boro Baper Polay Khay. This ifter platter is garnished with mouth watering dishes like kebabs, potatoes, boiled eggs, puffed rice, etc. to name a few. Not so surprisingly, this phenomenal platter is only available during the sacred time of Ramadan.

Enter the Najira Bazar and have the zesty taste of this terrific beverage. Lacchi is a curd drink with drops of lemon added to it. The tangy zesty taste of this drink will take you to the golden days of your childhood and will also give you a cover from the terrible heat. Take a sip and we guarantee this will quench your thrust.

Where to stay?

Traveling to a city filled with traditional and cultural heritage along with incredible architecture makes it vital for a traveler to stay in a local stay. Stay along with the people of Old Dhaka as you learn about the richness of the culture and about the lifestyle of a typical resident of Old Dhaka.

Book your stay in Century Park Residence or Easter House or any other hotel from our long list of safe and secured hotels in Gulshan to go around the Old City on foot.

It is said that to live a city you have to walk through it. While you may enjoy looking at the city from a distance sitting inside an enclosed vehicle, take a walking tour with several other travelers and read through the lines of the story this phenomenal city has to tell.

Stay in Uttra area and book your stay at Mansoon In, Floriate Inn, Richmond Hotel and Suites, and several other hotels listed on our website to stay close enough to the Old City to be able to smell the mist of it in the air but far enough to escape the bustling noise from the city that is never quite.

Escape the trouble of gliding through the dense jungle of the population for a bit and book a stay in Galesia Hotel, Laurel Hotels LTD or any other hotel from our huge list of beautiful yet peaceful hotels in Banani city to reach Lalbagh fort without any delay.

Lalbagh Fort is humungous for that was unfortunately abandoned before it was completed due to the death of his daughter Pari Bibi, Shaista Khan declared the fort cursed and immediately commended to banish the construction. The escalated gardens and the breathtaking beauty of the forest demand to be witnessed.

While the Old Dhaka city is exotic and vibrant it is also decent and beautiful in a bizarre way that a traveler can only understand by experiencing. The incredible city is flooded with historic sites you may enjoy admiring, the nightlife of Dhaka is extraordinary too. While Old Dhaka is visibly old, its counterpart New Dhaka is filled with skyscrapers marking an astonishing contrast between the two.

But every minute spent in the city is a treasure you would never want to lose.

Go around the city, learn about the city, and choose a local stay out of a hundred options we have listed here that are completely secured, well maintained, and absolutely close to the city both in the distance and a display of authentic traditions and cultures.

We ensure you a fantastic trip to Old Dhaka, the city of experience, the city of culture.

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