On a trip to Himachal Pradesh? Here are things to know about Una

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On a trip to Himachal Pradesh? Here are things to know about 'Una' to make your journey count.

While travelling in Himachal Pradesh, you are much likely to pass through this transit town 'Una'. Which offers you a taste of visiting a location at the foothills of Himalayas. So while enjoying the locale here are some places that you can definitely visit on the way to your other destinations of Himachal.

Places to visit

Chintpurni temple is abode of Mata chintpurni, one of the manifestations of goddess Durga. This divine deity is said to relieve us from worries by fulfilling our all desires.
Nobody who visits the temple goes empty handed, but with the blessing which banishes all worries and fills our life with happiness. Near to Chintpurni temple is Sheetla Devi Temple which is perched on a hill and is one of the nine vital Goddess Durga devi temples. These 9 temples show 9 different incarnations of Goddess Durga.

A very popular Gurudwara which is recommended on your trip to Una is Dera Baba Bharbagh Singh. It is one of the popular Gurudwaras among sikhs. It is named upon the one who built it, Dera baba Bharbagh Singh, whose blessing is sought when one visits the place. baba Bharbhag singh mela and Hola Mohalla fair are held during february and Holi to treat mentally challenged people. Shiva bari is a practicing area of Archery pupils of Guru Dronacharya. There's also a lord shiva temple believed to be built by Guru Drona. Many people travel to this place to offer bouquets to lord shiva. Pir Nigaha is the place in which pandavas are said to build 12 caves during the last 12 months of their exile. And the caves are still available around peer nigahe wala ji. A fair is held every year on his anniversary. Kutlehar forts, located at 4500 m above sea level, was built by sansar Chandra, the king of Kangra. You get a mesmerizing view of Gobind Sagar lake and Pong Dam from here. The ceilings of the place are made from stone slabs.

Bangana Lathian Piplu is a popular sikh shrine. This destination is perched on top of a hill and is famous for hosting a popular 'piplu fair'. Naina devi temple and Jogi panga are some places to visit nearby. Pong Dam is constructed on river Beas and elevated at a height of 450 m above sea level. It is highest earthen dam in the country and spreads over and area of 45000 hectares of land. It hosts a rich wildlife, flora and fauna.

Activities to try

Jungle trekking at a wildlife sanctuary near Pong Dam. various different species of birds, animals, vegetation is found around the place. trekking at thaneek pura. The hill station has various temples. shrines of Guga Jahar Peer, Mahiya Sidh and Radha-Krishna are located at the place. It is famous for being the most scenic place in both nature and adventure.

Also activities like swimming, surfing, water skiing, kayaking, rowing, canoeing and white river rafting are organized.

Dishes to taste

Patrodu is a dish made from the leaves of Colocasia, gram flour and spices. A thick paste of gram flour, salt, ground turmeric, chopped coriander leaves, cumin, ajwain, chopped green chillies, asafoetida, ground onion, ginger and garlic with mustard oil. And then the paste is applied to the several layers of the leaf and then fried.

Sepu badi or Mukund badi is one of the key dishes in marriages and festival occasions. Sepu badi is prepared from a ground mixture of urad dal and chana dal soaked overnight. the mixture then, after boiling, tied into big leaves, cut into pieces and fried. Sidhu- sidu is a bread made from flour eaten with ghee dal or hari chutney, Mooli ka paratha is also a famous dish of himachal popular in Una region, made from radish stuffed into paratha served with raita or curry. Desi pahadi sarso da saag, a nutritious mustard green dish made from mustard leaves, bathua leaves and spinach leaves are mixed and cooked together with tomato, ginger, garlic, green chilli, corn flour and crushed into puree. this cooking manner preserves all the nutrients. It is part of the popular Punjabi meal combo served with fresh homemade butter and lassi.

The name 'una' means 'Unnati ' was given to the town by Shri Guru Arjan Dev, the fifth Guru of the Sikhs.

It is believed that excluding the eastern side of Una, was part of erstwhile Kangra state and was ruled by Katoch family. The present una until 1st November 1966 was one of the tehsils of Hoshiarpur district. And then upon reorganisation of Punjab all the hilly region including Una tehsil been transferred to Himachal

Pradesh. And then on 1st Sept,1972 the Himachal Pradesh Govt. reorganised then Kangra district into Una, Hamirpur, Kangra.

English, Hindi and Punjabi are spoken by people who are associated with tourism. Locals speak Punjabi also Kangri and pahari, used by a small part.

The third- smallest district of himachal Pradesh where a deep rooted Punjabi culture along with pahari culture can be witnessed. It is one of the famous cultural and religious hubs of the state.

A book of 352 pages is most treasured written in Hindi. "Una Janpad- Ek patriarchy " for those seeking more information about the district. Then commissioner KR Bharti, collected authentic records to compile the book. The book provides detailed information on traditional practices, art, artifacts, culture, language and developmental aspects of the district.

The two hockey Olympians in history hail from Una, The Padma shri Charanjeet singh,  the captain of Indian hockey team which won gold in 1964 Tokyo Olympics. Deepak Thakur, another hockey Olympian, Asian games shooting gold medallist Mohinder singh and many other such laurels of sports adorn the walls of indoor game stadium gallery in Una.

Kurta and pajamas are culturally accepted dress for men. Women wear salwar- kameez on most casual and formal occasions. Sari is also worn in weddings, functions. young people mostly wear western attire, including jeans and shirts. Plain or embroidered shawl is worn in winters.

The best time to visit the place is march to May. The temperature is fairly moderate and not freezing.  The average temperature during the months is from 15 to 30 degrees. The best things about Una can be explored during these months.

People of this town are hospitable and helpful. still it is advised to not to take unnecessary risk. keep identity card, passport handy while traveling. remain careful on roads if you happen to visit in monsoon.

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