Pack Your Bags to Wonderful Trip Hampi That Seems Paradise

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Pack Your Bags to Wonderful Trip Hampi That Seems Paradise

Traveling from home? We’ve got you covered. MyTravaly takes you to a joyous ride to Hampi this week, sit back, relax and cherish the city as we move towards the end of lockdown. For a historical town, Hampi is a backpacker’s paradise too; let’s check out how you explore the most of it.

To visit the best tourist places in Karnataka, you should plan for Hampi. Many holy and religious visitors visit this valley area. Hampi consists of ancient temples and beautiful monuments. You can explore various treasury buildings and the Vijayanagar Empire in the Hampi.
This vast city covers all the mysterious temples and monuments from the older times. You can view this small city from both sides of the river named Tungabhadra. You can collect beautiful memories and pictures from this village during your next weekend. The archeologist studies Hampi because of ancient temples and traditional buildings. UNESCO has declared this spot as one of the best heritage sites in the world. 

The historical significance of Hampi

Hampi has a unique historical significance of the monkey kingdom. It has also considered as ancient Kishkinda that has described in Ramayana. Lord Hanumanji has born in this place in a very ancient period. Back in 1500 AD, Hampi was a famous Vijayanagar empire. People use to admire this place as the second-largest city in the World.

Ways to reach in Hampi

  • Road traveling to Hampi: KSRTC provides the best facility to reach Hampi by road.
  • Rail traveling to Hampi: Hospet Junctions lies 13 kilometers away from the Hampi. You can choose the Railway transport when you travel from home.
  • Air traveling to Hampi: The closest airport of Hampi Hubli Airport. It is present 166 kilometers away from Hampi.
  • Staying Place in Hampi  
  • Hampi is the best tourist spot in Karnataka that offers various choices of hotels. Thus, it becomes very challenging to decide the staying spot. You should plan to stay in the guest house of the Bazar area of Hampi. The Bazar area is very famous as you can spot every temple, river, and monument from Hampi.
  • The best choice for backpackers is that they can stay in the village. The stay amount of the village is around 2000 per night. You can also have the best experience with food and cheap shopping items. 
  • What are the Ways of going around in Hampi?
  • Hampi is a very vast and tremendous spot for spending the weekends. Thus, it is crucial for you to rent the auto Rickshaw or bicycles for exploring. You can travel on rental bicycles at two hundred amounts—Book hotels in Karnataka that has an easy provision of transport.
  • You can also book active and bullet for watching vast landscapes of Hampi. Active costs around three hundred per person. A bullet cost around five hundred per person.

    Best places of Hampi

    Hampi consists of historical tourist places in Karnataka that drive huge religious visitors. You should plan your Hampi trip because of these impressive places:

  • Virupaksha Temple
  • Virupaksha is a very old temple that describes the beauty of Hampi. Visitors have named this temple as Pampapathi Temple.

  • Vithala Temple
  • One can view the rich architecture in the old building of Vithala Temple. 

  • Lotus Palace
  • Start your traditional trip with the best monument named Lotus palace.

  • Yantrodharaka Hanuman Temple
  • Visitors have to climb around 570 steps for receiving the blessings from Hanumanji.

    Various facts you should keep in mind

    Hampi offers awsome time and experience to the visitors. Yet, it is crucial to keep a few facts in mind while visiting Hampi.

  • You should carry a hat and sunglasses when you travel from home.
  • There are plenty of vehicles such as cycle, auto, or moped that are available for exploring Hampi.  
  • Plan your weekend in advance while visiting Hampi.
  • Choose boat service when you step to the spots that lie across the river.
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