Travel checklist part 2: The list of prescribed accessories for 2021

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Travel checklist part 2: The list of prescribed accessories for 2021

With people getting more and more restless due to this long shutdown on movement, it has become needful to plan a rejuvenating trip after this pandemic and also it seems we may be able to take one soon but with adequate safety measures. 

This  'travel checklist part 2' is a continuation of the items listed in part 1 for the checklist of the essentials that you need to carry for the vacation that you're planning post covid and even after, the list also curates some advanced yet simple accessories that promise an easy, comfortable and a safe travel.

12. Compressible water bottle.
And a straw water filter:
Carrying your own water bottle or utilities is recommended during post covid and we have a solution if you do not carry one due to space and weight issues because we cannot afford negligence ever after this. Even if you avoid drinking water through some other sources due to the safety concerns, getting dehydrated isn't a solution either.

Collapsible water bottles once empty can be compressed or flattened to fit into less space than usual space, and are more eco-friendly and cost effective , when needed can be expanded, used and then compressed and stored to help you be hydrated all along the trip.

A portable water filter in form of straw was probably one of the best innovations that complement a water bottle, it helps you purify around 1000 litres of water and saves you from the tension of clean drinking water and deadly microorganisms, it is eco-conscious and can last a year or more without any part replacement or service.

Water filter bottles are also available which help you store purified drinking water from chlorine, fluorine and other harmful chemicals during travel and are an essential for travel for those who would pay attention to their health on a trip as well.

13. Essential hair care products: Some happening innovations in the cosmetic industry is the dry shampoo that helps you get  rid of all the extra oil from your hair then and there, neutralizes odour and adds volume instantly without rinsing. 

Also you must add serums that serve multiple benefits while traveling like protection from sun, saves you hair from the damage caused due to the constant rush, the dryness and also nourishes them well while you're busy partying with friends.

Coming to the prevention of a frizzy hair, we recommend anti frizz sheets that are too easy to use, you just need to swipe the sheets down your moisture stripped locks and done, they promise to infuse your hair with right moisture and get them smooth containing natural extracts of castor, argan oil and Ginger, working on all hair types.

 14. Toiletry bag for personal hygiene: Carrying Your own toiletries instead of depending on others is recommended post covid, essentials should be mouthwash tablets that are spill proof, stick deodorant for more space, travel size lotion, few pads or tampons for emergencies, shampoo bar to block possibilities of seepage, a wide tooth comb to not depend upon the provided by hotels, facial wipes to avoid frequent face washing, a little medication like pain killers and basic first aid should also be added for safety.

15.Chargeable Mini humidifier: The portable humidifiers are best for you if you suffer from bleeding nose or respiratory problems while on air and other arid areas. This happens due to the absence of moisture into the air, an air humidifier adds moisture to the air and helps cope dryness in the throat, coughs sinus problems. So after the success of the console humidifiers there are portable mini humidifiers that can be carried anywhere including travel purposes however there are precautions to be maintained like regularly cleaning, tracking humidity levels and using purified water.
16. Types of wipes necessary: Hand sanitizers cannot get you rid of all types of germs niether on spaces other than your hand which is why we recommend a disinfectant wipe for surface like airplane seat, door handles, toilet flushers which are prone to regular touches of multiple people and is unsafe to use without properly disinfecting. Along with sanitising wipes, can be used for hands and face,  the baby wipes help parents to keep the child away from the allergies and reactions caused by surface germs, the wipes are made from the natural biodegradable fiber which is safe and friendly to a child's skin, the saline level is similar to human body to prevent any reactions and are free of harsh chemicals.

Multi- purpose disinfectant wipes help clean almost every surface right from the toilet seat to a table's top  and each surface in between which makes this product an essential for travellers of 2020.

17. Copy of essential documents: At least one copy of all identification and necessary document is recommended, if you loose the original you have all the proof and required numbers to get them after the procedures also the digital copies help you access them easily, the luggage with the copies if misplaced also will be returned by airlines and tour agencies due to all the details mentioned onto them.

18. Cotton Blanket scarfs with pockets: Blanket scarfs are versatile and multiple in following ways, it adds a style to your outlook which trends in all 12 months of the year and suits almost all clothing style, it provides warmth on a chilly flight and cold winter nights during short and long commutes, easily use is as a mat on beach or picnic in necessity, protects from the hot wind and scorching suns heat during summer and above all comes with a pocket to hide and safe your essentials in need and is addictive. A cotton material is recommended to serve for all the above purposes mentioned, doesn't attract the hair or the skin, let's the skin freely breathe and also prevent from dirt and dust to settle on your skin.

19. Water resistant back packs: This is to remind to the travellers who haven't yet switched cause being the last bag  still hasn't not worn out completely, we'd remind them it's High time to consider for the safety of their documents and do not take chance for their next trip as there are also other benefits to water resistant back packs than saving your precious documents, gadgets in sudden water encounter situation. They offer a good organization Structure that help you accomodate more essential in same space and retrieve them with lesser hassle. The material of which the rain proofs are made some of the best material in terms of durability and would last more than your current one for sure, addition to all the above these backpacks are also look trendy and stylish with a range of colour, design, sizes available which also boosts the confidence of a travellers when they're sure that they're looking up to date.

20. Best emollient and glycerine based skin care products: You just need two essentials that is a soap free cleanser and a mosturizer with minimum SPF 30. Drinking water and moisturizing the skin is recommended before and after onboarding a flight owing to major drop in the cabin humidity due to changing pressure at higher altitudes in aircrafts more common when less passengers onboarded also altitude pressure effects the blood flow of the skin, also you are closer to sun while flying if sitting on a window.

You cannot easily avoid all the tension and anxiety regarding your journey, flight time, see off, packing check list, travel sickness, boarding pass which effects your nervous system and is directly connected to the skin and therefore effect which is why you need to take care of your skin on the journey.

Dermatologists confirm for the damages that are caused due to exposure of UV rays in almost all seasons including winter therefore higher SPF protection is recommended and especially if you don't want all the adventures of snow sports and adventures like snow boarding etc at the cost of the health of your skin. 

The exposure to the dirt along with the adventures causes breakouts and can be prevented by regular cleansing after a certain amount of exposure to dust and atmosphere. therefore we recommend carrying an emollient based moisturizer with petrolatum and glycerine that helps skin be hydrated for a longer period and soften and smoothen your skin working on almost all skin types.

21. Electric trimmer and shaving foams: Why use those cheap disposable razors from hotel or visit unknown salons to get yourself groomed when you have the advanced options to help you look stunning and also try variation in style to steal the show. Portable trimmers have become common in the travel checklist nowadays for a number of reasons, they are lightweight and handy when travelling with a protective cap can be safely carried anywhere and are cell powered means no hassle for charging with waterproof blades, you can easily wash them under running water, can provide wet as well as dry shave perfectly fit for all trips.

Shaving foams are preferred for a sensitive skin and also when you want to wrap your shaving fast cause your friends are already waiting for you, so shaving foams are easy to apply and quick to wash, designed for an easy wet shave.

22. Waterproof cell phone case: The cheapest investment that you can make to have some lifetime underwater pictures all by yourself without fear. They help you perfectly access your screen to call, send msg , browse and everything except access the touch ID to open it. It protects your phone from not only water but dust, sand, snow, dirt.  It even helps your phone keep them afloat without submerging deep if by any chance you loose your hold, it keeps your phone untouched by bacterias and germs while you phone comes in contact with all types of surface and can be easily protected from that.
23. Money belt: This is just a suggestion to keep your items safe and reachable, money belts aren't new but we just elaborate the benefits so that you can decide for yourself, if you need one.

Money belts are simple belt with hidden pockets to safe some cash or  important documents for emergency and save those from pickpockets for your carefree movement and are also easily reachable and accessible while extremely difficult for thieves to access, while theft- proof clothing are also gaining popularity which have concealed pockets to hide your essentials on the inner side of it.

The above items mentioned aren't a necessity but just a choice that'll make your trip easier and help you decide for what you need to include to your travel checklist and a reminder of some essentials that you might have planned to get or felt the need but forgotten overtime, some items which you didn't know that exist and could put an end to a robust problem you were facing since a long time. 

Along with all the above we'd also suggest awareness and maintaining a safe distance while enjoying your trip along with the other precautions and also adapting to the new normal as soon as possible by which you'll be able to explore your trip safely and tension free.  Also do share with us any of the things that you feel is a  great travel accessory and we might have missed in the list in the comment section.

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