Varanasi: The home of purity and spirituality

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Varanasi: The home of purity and spirituality

A religious hub in India, Varanasi is a very old living place in India. It is popular for many temples and spiritual beliefs. To understand the history and have an essence of culture, Varanasi is a place you must visit. It is said to be one of the oldest cities in India.

Varanasi is a total delight and it should be on everyone’s bucket list. While you plan your trip to Varanasi, make sure you receive the beautiful spiritual energy. It is advisable to go with a fresh mind and calm yourself.

With full excitement and enthusiasm, explore these parts of Varanasi and share your experiences with MyTravaly

When you visit Varanasi, take a ‘dip in the holy Ganga water’ and offer prayers. Your soul will be calm. A dip into Ganga is considered to be compulsory and is believed to be liberation from birth to death. You can also ask for Pandits to help you out for carrying our various rituals. There are special poojas held for souls who have departed.

Witness the ‘Ganga Aarti’ and let the purification power influence your mind. The aarti is a 45 minute ceremony every evening and amid that you will hear the chanting and the sound of bells. Experiencing the ganga aarti would be one of the best things you would ever do in your life.

After witnessing the Ganga Aarti, you can go for ‘a boat ride’. Boating in Ganga is considered to be one of the most peaceful things in Varanasi. You will get to explore the beautiful city and the spiritual feeling will fill your heart with joy.

#MyTravaly’s travel tip: Take an early morning boating trip.

After exploring the Ganga practices, you can go for a ‘Course of Ramayana’. Located in Varanasi is a Shiv temple that is dedicated to Ramayana. In the Tulsi Manas temple, the entire Ramayana is carved on its marble. Ramayana itself is pure bliss to listen and when you get a chance to read it in Varanasi, there is nothing better than this.

A lot of Varanasi can be explored on foot. The narrow lanes will give you a feel you have never experienced. You will find shopkeepers trying to sell their products. From famous Banarasi silk to street-side food, you will find everything there.

A place surrounded by religion will also give you a sense of Hindu Indian music and you will notice how much they appreciate Lord Hanuman.

You must visit the ‘Bharat Kala Bhawan’. It is a museum containing 10,000 artifacts. It has paintings, textiles, different decoration items and a lot more. It is located in Banaras Hindu University and is known for its distinctive and ancient products.

Varanasi is known for Temples and Ghats and if you don’t go around and seek blessings from temples, then you will miss something. You will find one temple on almost every road. People worship at those temples daily following all the rituals and you will get to see a lot of tourists. You will also fall in love with the design and architecture of the temples.

#MyTravaly’s travel trip: Some of the renowned temples that you should visit are Kashi Vishwanath Temple and Durga Temple.

If you are interested in History, you must visit the Ramnagar Fort. It is located on the eastern bank of Ganga River. The fort is well-known for its Chunar Sandstone. It is also popular for its lavish appearance unlike the other forts in India. 

A spiritual trip amid the hustle-bustle of your life will give your mind calmness and you will be able to think fresh. A 3-4 days trip to Varanasi will give you immense pleasure and it will turn out to be a must-needed change. For a better experience, log in to MyTravaly and book your hotel now!

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