When you visit Amritsar, these are the things you simply can’t miss!

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When you visit Amritsar, these are the things you simply can’t miss!

Amritsar is draped into various Indian cultures and traditions. One must visit and witness the glory of the city. You will see tourists at Amritsar almost every month. There are a plethora of places to visit and experience. From mouth-watering food to classical shopping centres, Amritsar is a full package.

You will surely want to visit Amritsar again. Your heart will never be full of their hospitality and the serenity it offers. The list can never end when it comes to exploring Amritsar but if you are still wondering, here’s a little guide on what all you can see and do there.

Seek blessings from Golden Temple!

Golden Temple is the Pride of Punjab. Once you enter the temple, your heart will wish to stay there forever. It is referred to as the holiest shrine of Sikhs. It is known as the Golden Temple because the upper dome is covered with 100 kilograms of pure gold. The tranquil and pleasant environment will give your heart peace and relax your mind. You should definitely go and listen to the early morning chanting of Guru Granth Sahib. Don’t forget to cover your head with a piece of cloth when you visit there.  Taste the delectable Langar by sitting in rows with the crowd. You will have the most peaceful time of your life, here at Golden Temple.

Try to understand the sacrifice of people at Jallianwala Bagh

An unforgettable day in the history of India, the pain of people can still be felt at Jallianwala Bagh. The walls scream of the tragic event. Observe a minute of silence for all the souls who departed to heaven. There are bullet marks on the walls which speak about how many lives were sacrificed for the freedom of India.  Because of its history, a lot of tourists visit the place and so it is one of the major attractions in Amritsar.

Shopaholics must visit Hall Bazaar

Amritsar is famous for Phulkaris and Punjabi juttis. At Hall Bazaar you will find a variety of people looking for different types of products. From jewelry to clothes, you will find everything at the Hall Bazaar. Everything will be at a cheap and affordable price, so you can grab whatever you want. You will find the famous handicrafts of Amritsar at Hall Bazaar at cheap rates. The market is busy and crowded and is the heart of the city. The items that are available at Hall Bazaar are rare to find. Apart from such items, there are a lot of restaurants where you can grab lip-smacking food after you are tired of shopping.

Visit the Wagah Border

Wagah Border is between India and Pakistan and is famous for its 5 PM ceremony. Both the neighbouring countries show their strength and represent respect before closing the border. The flag hoisting ceremony and soldiers marching are worth watching. Your heart will bubble up with great pride and enthusiasm. People stand up for the National Anthem and the entire experience is something one should never miss. Reach before half an hour before the sunset at 5 PM.

Experience the calmness at Gurudwaras

What’s Amritsar without Gurudwara? Nothing. Gurudwaras and Amritsar come hand to hand. If you didn’t experience the peacefulness of the soulful Gurudwaras, then your trip would be incomplete. Gurudwaras will give your soul utmost calmness and you will feel heavenly. The devotees start coming from right in the morning and there is a crowd till evening. No power can stop people from witnessing the beauty and serenity of Gurudwaras. You will get Kada Prasad which will add to your visit.

Everything you will do at Amritsar will be a lifetime memorable experience. You will get to explore the real side of Amritsar. Don’t wait for anything and pack your bags. You will leave with heart-filled feelings with the cit which will surely bring you back again. Plan your trip with MyTravaly and share your experience. 

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