Meet The Team

The foundation of our company's culture is collaboration, everyone is an important member of the team, creative, positive and highly energetic. Our small but mighty team is led by Mr. Hamlet Roy, Founder & CEO who happens to be the genius behind the idea of MyTravaly. Under his leadership, we have grown from a small unknown startup to a powerful competitor giving the other travel tech companies a run for their money. With dedication and persistence, we hope to build amazing products and turn our company into a truly global brand.


Hamlet, Founder & CEO

Seema Diwan

Seema Diwan, Co-Founder & Director


Mahamat, Sr. Software Developer

Ankit Kumar

Ankit Kumar, Co-Founder & CTO

Kuldeep Singh

Kuldeep Singh , Android Developer

Abhishek Rana

Abhishek Rana, Asst. Manager HR & Admin


Hamid, Sr. Software Developer

Naomi Chhorm

Naomi Chhorm, Intern

Md Shadab Hussain

Md Shadab Hussain, Business Development-Asst. Manager


Rahul, Sr. Business Development Manager

Prantar Jyoti Talukdar

Prantar Jyoti Talukdar, Business Development Executive

Bukka Vamshi Krishna

Bukka Vamshi Krishna, Business Development Executive, Business Development Executive