I am still exploring of what I love but overacting, daydreaming and exploring various arts are some of the things I definitely love, welcome to my space:)

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1 year ago

Can you think of one best thing about travelling ?? It depends person to person, can be the types of food, meeting people, exploration... For me it's the excitement and fear of the unknown, that we are yet to discover and its gradual unfolding😇

Pic credits- Jesse Bowser (unsplash).
1 year ago
1 year ago

Me n my three cousins had to go Jamshedpur, my father was delaying, we got the excuse, he was out the other day, fatta-fat we held our luggages, mom knew she gave the food, we sat into the car and then finally had our first only-cousin road trip !!

Just the google map and the car, my cheerful face says it all XD
1 year ago
1 year ago

We stay together but rarely celebrate this togetherness unless occasions, We had this outing after years and I could feel every minute, was grateful for these people. I somehow felt our family could be cause of both, our happiness as well as sorrows.

Damn I had written this yesterday don't know thinking what but can somehow relate this today, our families can give the reason for both and this time, the latter:(
1 year ago

I will add soon.

I will add soon.
I will add soon.

I will add soon.

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