TALAASH ASSOCIATION IS A NATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS ORGANIZATION OF INDIA Working to protect & promote the rights of women & children. Know more: https://talaashassociation.org

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Help us to help survivors of Human Trafficking, Donate Now https://mytravaly.com/give-now?title=Help+us+to+help+survivors+of+human+trafficking+to+return+home&organization=Talaash+Association


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Fundraiser (Travel for Causes)
Help us to help survivors of human trafficking to return home
Help us to help survivors of h...

NGO : Talaash Association
Campaigner: Pavani Priya Tirumalika
SDG: Peace and Justice Strong Institutions

Total Beneficiaries: 70
Response to the needs of the beneficiaries: Rescuing the survivor & providing counselling helps the survivor deal with the mental & physical trauma, repatriation helps the survivor return back to their native.
What a travller can do: A Community Member Can Donate Money For This Cause...

Project duration:22nd December 2020 to 22nd December 2021

Other Fundraisers (Travel for Causes)
Urging funds for Childrens Orphanage and to cater their daily needs
Urging funds for Childrens Orp...

NGO : Yuvatejam Trust , Ti...
Campaigner: Shaik Karimulla

Total Beneficiaries: 50
Response to the needs of the beneficiaries: This collected amount will help orphan children for their basic necessities like food and shelter to education , we always believein helping those little ones.
Project duration:12th March 2021 to 13th March 2022

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