Caravans – latest fad in tripping

 Deepa Dee 18 Dec, 2020 6 mins read 1

India warms up to Caravan Culture

Has the caravan road trips in western movies and documentaries intrigued you ?🚐🚎

Does the prospect of parking at the countryside and sleeping under the stars enthral you ?⛺⛺

Do you find Caravan tripping idyllic and romantic ?🌄💜😍👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Then, it’s time to delve into it. Welcome to the new rage in tripping – Caravans for hire.

Nicknamed ''Vacation on Wheels'', Caravans are quite popular and prevalent in the Western world, while the craze is picking up in India. A few adventuresome folks have remodelled their cars to make it viable for camping in the wilderness, but, you need not! With a handful of start ups initiating this new trend, caravans are available for hire in some select cities in India now, and my beloved city, Bangalore is a forerunner !🖖

Namma Bengaluru has always been a favoured city with ambitious entrepreneurs launching their experimental and pilot projects here, probably due to the warm welcome rendered by uninhibited, unstultified and enthusiastic tribe who are always on the lookout to try out-of-the-norm experiences and escapades. Exploring new destinations and attractive countryside from the safety and luxury of a Caravan or a Camper Van is a different kind of thrill, especially with small kids and pets scuttling around!

Modified and remodelled with luxury, comfort and cozy-look factors in mind, the Caravans offer stove, vessels, seating and sleeping arrangements with cozy corners to curl up to, amidst tastefully done interiors. With funky and colourful exteriors, Caravans are a great mode of travel with your groupies. Tents and camping accessories are provided too, so fret not, if more friends hop in – remember, more the merrier.

The Trippy Wheels, based out of Bangalore offers Caravans in vibrant, cheery colours at affordable costs. Choose a caravan with your group size in mind and pick one among the many enticing routes. Start with a weekend trip to try out the experience.

The Caravan rental companies also provide a driver cum guide, have partnered with scenic, offbeat campsites and charted route maps with trails too.  With the current pandemic scenario far from over, travel trends are gravitating towards road trips around our homeland, as apprehensions loom large while availing public transportation. Caravans also relieve one from the hassle of locating a hygienic and safe accommodation. More and more tourers are opting for serene, wide open nature spots coupled with outdoor activities, barbecue, bonfire and picnics. With the tourism department of several state governments jumping on to this lucrative bandwagon, the future of Caravan Travel in India is set to grow by leaps and bounds, no doubt.

Wacation on Wheels, based out of Nagpur has been around for a few years now and so is Motorhome Adventures, which is based out of New Delhi . There could be more players out there, as we dig deep into google, but most were catering to the corporate team outings.

The trendy, latest, rich boy on the market is Luxecamper, paving way for luxuriant and sophisticated Caravan camping experience for those looking for a swanky camper and a splendid time. With state-of-the-art fittings and posh interiors is plush, classy and grand. Yes! Of course! Its expensive - but look at the addons and luxuries you get!

So, what are you waiting for? Check out for great deals offered by the Caravan rentals as a part of their advertising campaign, be the first in your gang  to try out this new mania and boast of it on your social media 😊 to the green-eyed envy of your friends.😄😄😄.

Disclaimer - This is not a propaganda or advertising material for any agency, nor am I paid for it. Whatever views expressed here is purely of the author's. Thanks.

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