What if you plan a trip to Lansdowne, Uttarakhand today?

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 What if you plan a trip to Lansdowne, Uttarakhand today?

The hill stations of North India are said to be the most visited vacation centres. And Lansdowne hill Station is well known among them. So if you had wished to visit a hill station any day, now is the best time to start on it. Read on to know why is now the best time and what all you can experience if you happen to plan a trip to Lansdowne today!

Places to visit

In Darwan Singh Regimental museum, you can find the collection of arms, uniforms, rare photographs of Army generals, certificates and about the origin and achievements of famous Garhwal Rifles.
Tiffin Top is a hilltop viewpoint from where you can have unforgettable views of Shivalik range, Garhwal hills and other Himalayan ranges too.

The St. John church, established in 1932, known for its beautiful interior, surrounding and its significance in the past. Bhim Pakora, a place where two big stones are naturally placed on one another and that too in perfect balance. It is moved but surprisingly never falls. Snow viewpoint and Hawaghar offers a bird’s eye view of the meadows and villages below. You reach there after a long trek to the top but the experience  is most surreal in the whole of Lansdowne. You can also spot barking deer, hog deer, goral sambhar, porcupines and other rare animals in Kalagarh, Tiger reserve. It is a wildlife sanctuary rich in vegetation and habitat both. bhulla lake is a manmade artificial lake. It is dedicated to the youth of the garhwal who helped in building the lake. War Memorial Lansdowne , known as the pride of Garhwal Rifles. The main attraction of the town was established in 1923 by lord Rawlinson of Trent(commander in chief, India). Most well preserved architecture is Garhwali mess. One of the Oldest buildings of British era built in 1888 maintained by the state government. Kaleshwar Mahadev temple, centuries old and a must visit for the devotee tourists.

Activities to do

One of the must try activities in Lansdowne is camping in the lush green open lands along with the famous forests. Setting up a tent in the open fields would cost you  nothing but offer you one of the most mesmerizing memories of your life. The nights spent in the lap of adventure are said to be unforgettable by the tourists. bhulla lake, situated between deodar and oak trees. You can enjoy boating, clicking pictures and watching birds. Exploring the Kalagarh Tiger reserve which is part of Jim Corbett  National park and is one of the most thrilling things to do. You spot tiger, leopard, elephant, barking deer, sambar or chital or all of them. The park poses home to more than 580 species of birds. Visiting Darwan Singh Sangrahlaya will let you know a lot about the history of Garhwal Regiment and leave you bewildered at the collection of artifacts,uniforms and citations from British era. Trekking to a snow viewpoint would be one of the most exciting activities in Lansdowne and let you go through the magnificent view of snow-capped Garhwal hills and Himalayan range. The trek will let you have some thrilling views of Chaukhamba and Trishul peaks. A nature walk in the numerous oak and pine forests offers a chance to breath in the fresh mountain air. You get to experience a range of activities between birds, animals and insects of the forest. Photography, sketching, camping is some of the activities that commonly people engage in. Shopping in Lansdowne would also be an enjoyable activity as Lansdowne is known for its crafty soveneurs, leather products and local items at very affordable prices at alaknanda market.

Food to taste

Makhni Bread is Bread crust fried in butter with some chutney. It offers a unique taste and is a popular breakfast in this region. Due to the presence of a lot of orchards, Lansdowne is a home to a lot of cheap, locally produced wines. Plum wine, peach wine, apple wine, black grape wine. Band samosa is one of the most popular food items in the region. Samosa is served inside a bun with spicy chole Ki sabzi and chutney. It is one of the cheapest and mouth-watering items of the city. Aloo triangle is the normal potato fried seasoned with fried red chillies, coriander leaves, and many other spices. It is one of the popular food items of winter. Crust momoes holds its origin in tibetian kitchen. It is one of the most common as well as desired dishes in Lansdowne. The classic ones have a filling of cabbage, while others are also available with fillings of pork, chicken, cheese, noodles, chillies and much more. And the best place to try all these variants would be Lansdowne itself, so do not miss!

Lansdowne was named and even founded after the viceroy of India, Lord Lansdowne. Lansdowne was set up to cater for recruits training centres of Garhwal Rifles. Lansdowne was the major activity centre during British period. Today, the command officer of Garhwal Rifles of Indian Army lives here. Lansdowne became popular during British times. It was a popular business centre after that. Since then Lansdowne is famous for eco-tourism. The road from Jhaiharikhal to Lansdowne called the cool road was meant only for European in British Times. Another road parallel to it was built for Indians.


Lansdowne lets you have some splendid sights of snow-capped Himalayan peaks of Bandar Poonch, Swarga- Rohini, Jonli, Gangotri group, Jogin Group, Thalaiya, Sagar, Kedarnath, Sumem, Chaukkamba etc. Hindi and Garhwali are the language spoken by majority. Kumaoni, Punjabi and English are some other languages prevalent. The Mussoorie winter carnival is celebrated with all the vigour and taste. During winter between 25th Dec and 31 Dec. Lansdowne city is a small hill surrounded by oak and blue pine forests.

Lansdowne is considered as one of the best places for all types of holidays, Romantic, family and friends.  The pleasant weather and beautiful view of the forests, mountains and valleys form a great place for tourists to visit.

March, April, May, June and September are the best times to visit Lansdowne. However Lansdowne has a favourable climate all throughout the year as it does not witness snowfall in winter and summers are cool. Spring (April) is considered as the most beautiful month to visit for sight of blooming flowers and colourful vegetation flourishing in the forest. It makes the ambience even charming to view.

Travel Tip- Weather of Lansdowne is considered quite unpredictable so carrying warm clothes is recommended. choosing a hotel with magnificent views to make the trip memorable. It is advised to talk to local or hotels to know about the actual price. There are high chances you'd be tried to bluff upon transport tariff if they know that you are a tourist. Cleanliness is something this town is strict upon so you are expected to maintain that.

And this is certainly not all and there's much more to taste, feel, experience and know about Lansdowne. For which you'd need to visit the city and surely find an accommodation. Hotel green palms are recommended to savour a beautiful view from your window. SB Mount Resort is recommended for the luxury amenities in budget. The best deals of the above two hotels are available on MyTravaly.com. Click on the link above to know more about the amenities and services provided at lowest prices.

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