5 lesser known destinations to visit in march 2021 in India

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5 lesser known destinations to visit in march 2021 in India

We know that you have been searching for the best places to travel in March. And so we've got them covered right away! not only the places but the activities, sights, local food along with the recommendations on hotels, we've highlighted them all so the only thing you need to do is choose your preferred holiday spot to enjoy the onset of spring. With this vigour to explore, go through the places one by one from hill-station, beaches, forests to pilgrimage cities and avail some hot deals on hotels of this season through the links provided.

Shillong, Meghalaya

The mild wintry season is cool and enjoyable here in the month of March making it the best time to visit the place. Top attractions? Not only boating, but you can also try water skiing, rowing, trekking, viewing the rare breed fishes, and sailing at this beautiful lake covered in greenery called Umiam. At Shillong peak, you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the city curating the best picnic spot, along with horse riding in a living root bridge-one of the wonders of nature. 

Have you ever dreamed of a perfect golf scene and treehouses? if yes then it would come true in Shillong on a lush green meadow. 

The vibrating nightlife of Shillong can beat all posh metropolis. Whereas try spending a night at the tree houses in Dawki, the memory would be unforgettable.

Live concerts of rich metal and rock music would leave you grooved. Remember we always read about the wettest place in geography- 'Cherrapunji', it's here in Shillong itself and you can experience the best monsoon getaway or maybe your life! Police Bazaar is the place to shop, bargain, and get some richly crafted souvenirs from the city.

Yeah you've tried it but here you have them in a variety of flavour and filling, talking about momos. Don't miss tasting Dohneiiong at any cost if you visit Shillong, you'd regret it. This is common but do taste the giant kew- most delicious variety of pineapple found easily here. One of the most famous foods is chilly pork, you are bound to fall in love with the fresh spicy, cooked chilli pork at every nook and corner at a very reasonable price.

And of course, we care for your comfort while you are on a trip so some of the best recommendations in Shillong would be 'Pine hill homestay', it's beautiful garden, Asian breakfast, and impeccable facilities would totally fall in your budget. Along with this also "The golf retreat' is all set to bring you the most memorable stay with the mesmerizing view of the golf course and the beautiful valley around. You can view the properties here.    

Ooty, Tamil Nadu

March to June is considered as the perfect time to visit Ooty, Tamil Nadu. So if you are planning to travel check out carefully to not miss any of the desirable places to visit. Don't miss taking a ride through a toy train on this UNESCO world heritage site Nilgiri mountain. Also Ooty offers some of the world's best pubs and bars including Canterbury bar and The valley bar. The wax world museum at 130 years old colonial mansion would let you have some memorable time for your kids. 

Something unique? Honey bee museum, complete knowledge on honey production. The gorgeous emerald lake would soothe your eyes and serve as the most beautiful picnic spot in the peace of the surrounding Nilgiri hills. Higginbothams book store is a place to visit irrespective of whether you are a book lover.  This oldest place offers a vast collection of travel,  stationery, books and is mesmerizing to the eyes. 

The pine forest is the place you'd easily recognize due to the famous horror film Raaz was shot, don't forget to dress and pose like Bipasha when you encounter that view. Due to its rich flora and fauna Ooty is one of the most beautiful places to visit in India. And the climate of March makes it more desirable. 

The grilled mutton and succulent chicken kebabs are mouthwatering here. A strict veggie?  do try this nutritious dish called 'avial' made from seven to eight vegetables and loved by localites. If you are a coffee or tea person, taste the beverages here from the famous plantations with fresh aroma of Nilgiris, try just smelling them from your eyes! The climate of ooty serves as an ideal for the growth of the best quality fruits such as strawberry, peach, pear. 

So check out our recommendations for accommodation if you've got aware of the things you'd do when visiting the place. 'Delightz Inn' resort is the best recommendation with all the luxury and comfort. Click here to view how less it would cost you per night at this epic stay.

Mathura-Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh-

The city is believed to be the birthplace of lord krishna. And curates best historical and mythological significance for a religious and spiritual seeker. Due to the festival of Holi which is celebrated with great pomp and vigour march is one of the best times to visit the city. A celebration that you had always witnessed in films like "yeh jawaani hai deewani",such kinds of vibes and celebration can be experienced here.

You can also witness each of the things that we hear in the stories about lord krishna, like the famous Govardhan parvat which krishna lifted on his little finger, 'Janmasthan temple complex' is the place believed where he was born, built around the prison cells  which had held his parents captive. 

So when you get tired after visiting the religious places you can definitely taste the Jalebi, pede, chaat ,panipuri ,samosa ,kachori - some famous delicacies of mathura and vrindavan. 

Being a travel technology company we always have some great recommendations for staying in the places you visit, for this place we recommend 'Hotel Green View Palace' in Noida from where you can enjoy a road trip to Vrindavan. It has balconies , sitting areas and a lot of essential and complimentary amenities on budget. If you want to avail the rooms on best prices here is the link.

Gangtok, Sikkim

There are no clouds to obstruct your way through the Deorali ropeway in the month of March.  You get sweeping views of magnificent mountains and beautiful valleys.  Also the month in the beginning season of tourism with the international flower festival which boasts more than 600 species of orchids alone.

 The monasteries in the Himalayas are famous for its sunny views of the city and cool breeze during this month. If you're lucky enough you'd get to behold the sight of frozen Tsomgo lake which begins to melt during March with all the host of migratory birds from Siberia.

It is said that the breeze of this season breathes new life in the frosty slopes and turns them green from white. The breathtaking transformation of the mountains attracts tourists from across places. Now let me tell you the most popular adventure in the city, Paragliding! don't be afraid if you're an ameture you just need to relax and the trainers would do all for you. One of the activities for which the adventurers die is cycling in the silk route journey, check out the pictures and you'd surely add it to your bucket list when visiting Sikkim. 

The shopping area of the city is Lal Bazar, not only the local items but a variety of cheese, stones are available along with the dazzling ambience. Oh yeah the food items, One of the most popular foods to delight your taste buds is 'Thenthuk'. It is a yummy tibetien soup prepared from chicken, meat,wheat or veggies. Churpy yet another street food, soup made from cotton cheese. Masauyra curry, fragmented black gram with spices, is a very popular local dish. Also along with above do not forget to taste 'shimi ko achar'(pickle made from string bean), Sishnu(himalayan soup) and chaang, a substitute of beer or whiskey( an alcoholic beverage made of rice,berley, millet ).

where to stay? Hotel Vajrakila would let you have the perfect view from the mountains, best place if you're a pure vegetarian. Click here to know the in- budget amenities to make your trip memorable and enjoyable.

Gokarna, Karnataka

A place a little less popular with more fun as the commercialization has just set in here. This coastal town located in Karnataka can be a perfect weekend outing if you reside in any of the neighbouring states. The best attraction is its calm shoreline and the luxurious beach. The weather is warm and pleasant till march. you would also experience the mahashivratri, celebrated for nine days at mahabaleshwar temple if you happen to visit during this time. You can experience close to international night life at Kudle beach. The drumming, live music around the bonfire is a sight which is thrilling to behold. Alcohol is banned due to the religious significance of the city. You can take surfing lessons or try other water sports at Om beach.

Try Todadevu, the dish is delicious as well as healthy made from  juice of konana katte cane. Prawn masala is one of the most recommended dishes from gokarna. Seer fish fry is a shallow fried fish, marinated from garam masala, ginger garlic paste and some spices also a must try.

So our most recommended stay at gokarna is 'Kudle beach view resort and spa' located beside the emaciated kudle beach. It would let you have a clear view of the beach along at any hour with a comfortable stay. check their prices here.

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Also don't be sad if you won't be able to take your trip in march we'd be back soon with the best places to travel in april and after that as well!!

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