6 Best Snacks and Meals to Eat while Fasting during Navratri

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6 Best Snacks and Meals to Eat while Fasting during Navratri

The festival of Navratri symbolises the victory of the goddess Durga. These nine days are remembered as the goddess Durga's nine avatars. People from various religious backgrounds celebrate this festival with the same zeal and vigour. People attend various dandiya and Garba events throughout the nine-day celebration.

Fasting is the entire objective of this festival, and various dishes are prepared specifically for devotees who are fasting. The foods differ depending on where you live. Here is a list of dishes that you can eat while fasting.

Sabudana Khichadi/Sago Pearls

During a fast, these pearls are as common as it gets.
Sago pearls or khichadi are ideal fasting foods during Navratri. These pearls are used to make a variety of dishes. Everyone enjoys Khichadi, regardless of the occasion. These can be used to make kheer and khichadi. These are used to make Papad for fasting or as a side dish.

Khichadi is also served as a prasad to devotees who come to pray and make offerings at the Durga temple.

Buckwheat flour Dosa/Kuttu Ka Dosa

Kuttu is another name for buckwheat flour. This is made from a fruit seed and is commonly consumed while fasting. This Kuttu ka dosa, which is high in nutrients and protein, is ideal to eat while fasting because it provides energy. This dish's ability to generate heat prepares you for the upcoming winter after Navratri.

This dish can also be paired with potato fillings to enhance its flavour.

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Water chestnut flour / Singhare ke Pakode

Unlike any other pakoda, this one has some health benefits. Another well-known dish that is ideal for eating while fasting. That is extremely high in its nutritional value. Pakodes are made with Besan, which should be avoided as a fasting meal. So, buckwheat flour is used to make these pakoda, which makes them ideal for munching and satisfying your crunchy cravings. 

Barnyard Millet Rice /Sama Rice Pulav

Sama is a millet family member and is an excellent substitute for rice. Sama rice is made from cereal grains and is similar to rice Pulav. It is commonly made with potato, cashew, coriander, and lemon juice and is the best dish to make during Navratri. A tangy taste is created by these ingredients and is enjoyed by all as a fasting meal.

Vratwale Paneer rolls

When fasting, there are numerous restrictions placed on what can be eaten, so this dish is perfect when you crave something you can't have. Another dish that is popular during Navratri is these paneer rolls that are perfect for a quick meal. Grated paneer, potatoes, rock salt and a few spices are used to make this dish. This dish is intended to be served as a snack. This is the most effective way to satisfy your fasting cravings.

Rajgira Kadhi 

Everyone enjoys kadhi and rice, but in this case, the kadhi is made without besan. This kadhi is made with Rajgira flour. A healthy alternative to Kadhi is ideal for fasting and provides the necessary protein for the day. Chestnut flour, yoghurt, and curry leaves are used to make the kadhi, making it a must-try while fasting.

Fasting for Goddess Durga is the focus of Navratri, and many people avoid eating non-vegetarian foods. Some people also stop eating garlic and onions during those nine days; all of the above list is made with this in mind.

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