6 Things to Do in Kashmir Around Dal Lake

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6 Things to Do in Kashmir Around Dal Lake

Dal Lake considered the pride of Kashmir tourism, is the most popular attraction in Srinagar. This must-see destination, surrounded by the magnificent Pir Panjal mountains and Mughal Gardens, is ideal for family vacationers, honeymoon couples, and even solo travellers seeking peace.

Dal Lake's canopied Shikaras are one of its most popular attractions. Srinagar's houseboats on the lake are also a major draw for tourists, who consider them the best option for lodging in the city. As a popular destination for nature lovers, Dal Lake also attracts fishermen, thanks to the lake's abundance of fish, including carp.

Things to Do Near Dal Lake

Srinagar is known for its houseboats on Dal Lake (Kashmir). These houseboats are owned by thousands of Kashmiri residents. A houseboat stays on Dal Lake is a must-do if you're looking for the perfect combination of luxury and affordability. These houseboats are made of cedarwood, which is known to last for centuries. As a result, staying on a houseboat is completely risk-free.

Inside houseboats, the intricately carved wood panels are on display for all to admire. Floral rugs cover the floor. There are numerous houseboats anchored along the lake. They are anchored firmly in the water and remain stable, giving them the appearance of a beautiful home.

2. Shikara Ride

One of the best things to do in Dal Lake is going on a "Shikara Ride. “This type of boat is made of wood and has a canvas roof. This type of transportation is also known as a "gondola." Many different sizes of shakara are available, ranging in capacity from two to six people. A long-quilted seating area allows you to sit comfortably on the shikara.

A wooden separator separates the shikara's passengers from the gondolier (the boat's driver).

3. Floating Market

Visitors come to Dal Lake's floating markets. On Dal Lake, floating markets are a type of market where vendors sell their goods from shikaras. Many small shops can be found along the Shikara route where you can buy handicrafts, clothing, groceries, or Kashmiri products. People living on houseboats in Dal Lake rely on these vendors to supply them with necessities.

4. Fishing and exploring nature:

Fishing is a popular pastime among the locals who live around Dal Lake. Try it out if you're staying on a houseboat. Visiting Dal Lake on a nature tour is one of the must-do activities in the area. A canoe or small boat with paddles can be rented from boatmen who can assist you in navigating the lake on your own.

Flowers and grass cover the Dal Lake water, forming a green riverbed over it. Along with the water lily, the lotus is a common blooming flower.

5. Char Chinar is a compound made up of three islands in Dal Lake. It gets its name from the Chinar trees that grow on the island's four corners. A visit to the Char Chinar is a must-do while on Dal Lake. Murad Baksh, the brother of the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb, is said to have built this island. Rupa Lank is a small island off the coast of Bod Dal. The second is Son Lanka, which has a view of the Hazratbal Shrine.

Chinar trees are an important part of Kashmiri culture and are revered. It is also used for medicinal purposes, and its wood is used to make furniture.

6. Ride along Dal Lake on Boulevard Road

Take a stroll down Boulevard Road if you want to see a panoramic view of Dal Lake. Dal Lake has spread down Boulevard Road. It's a common sight to see locals sitting, chatting, and sipping tea. There are numerous shops where you can purchase Kashmiri handicrafts, clothing, locally grown dry fruits, and saffron.

One of the prominent shops on Boulevard Road is the Kashmir Shawl Museum.

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