6 Best Dishes to try during Durga Puja in Kolkata

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Durga puja is all about the victory over the evil of the goddess. This festival is celebrated in grandeur in the western region of the country. Kolkata is known for its Durga puja festivities among many other cities in India. People from different cultures and backgrounds visit Kolkata to witness these 10 daylong celebrations.

Food is the most important thing at any festival. Every region has its own set of favourite and famous dishes for this celebration. In some parts, non-vegetarian food is also preferred. Bengal is known for its famous Fish fry and Rashgulas, apart from these two, there’s a lot more the western region has to offer.

The eastern region avoids nonvegetarian food during those 10 days and it's the opposite in the western region.

Here are 6 famous and lip-smacking dishes you should try during Durga puja.


Khichuri is an all-time favourite dish among people in Bengali or Khichadi in Hindi. It's a bhog or prasad served in each neighbourhood pandal during Puja. It comprises rice and yellow lentils, potatoes and other vegetables can be also be added to the main ingredients. It is seasoned with a spoonful of ghee.

Aloo Posto

A popular Bengali dish- Aloo Posto. It's a poppy seed-based dish. The bitter taste of the poppy seeds combined with the spicy flavour of the potato makes it ideal for serving with khichadi, white rice, or luchi. This vegetarian dish is especially popular during puja celebrations in all households and pandals. This dish is enjoyed by people of all ages.

Chanar Korma

This is a traditional coconut-cashew curry served with homemade cottage cheese, peas, and a variety of other vegetables from the household. This dish is suitable for bhog or prasad during puja because it is free of garlic and onion. Garlic and onions are forbidden during puja because they are believed to attract negative energy. Served with Basanti pulav, which is a distinct delicacy in and of itself. 

Bengali vegetable chop

In Kolkata, this Bengali street food is very popular. It also lacks onion and garlic, which makes it more popular during puja days. Beetroot, carrots, boiled potatoes, and bhaja masala are combined to make a vegetable chop that is deep-fried with breadcrumb-coated. This is served with kasundi, a Bengali dip, or ketchup.

Chaaler Payesh

During Durga Puja or any other Bengali festival, Chaaler Payesh is a must-have dessert. Rice, milk, sugar, and raisins are used to make this traditional dessert. There are also many other dry fruits in it. Because of its simplicity, you may get it as a prasad while visiting any pandal. This dessert is made in every household during the Puja.

Nolen gurer Sandesh

Another sweet dish that is well-liked by Bengalis. This recipe calls for milk and jaggery. This dish was previously only available during the winter, but it is now available throughout the year. This dessert is unique in that it melts in your mouth after you bite into it. This is the most commonly offered sweet in temples and is kept in pandals.

Bengal, Durga Puja, and food all go hand in hand. This festival's glitz and glamour help to bring it all together. All of the meals and snacks served throughout the 10-day event are listed above. If you happen to be in Bengal during the festival, make an effort to acquire the above-mentioned items.

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