6 Best Street food and Snacks to try in Gujarat during Navratri

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Without food, no festival is complete. Navratri is filled with various types of food and snacks. During Navratri, the eastern region is fine with vegetarian food, whereas the western region prefers non-vegetarian food. This variety makes the festival more interesting and enjoyable as a whole. People in India have a variety of dishes for Navratri.

Gujarat is one such place where people love to eat, and this craziness is amplified during Navratri. During Navratri, stalls and restaurants are open until the early hours of the morning. People who have attended the Dandiya and Garba festivals prefer to eat late at night. During Navratri, many people flock to street food stalls.

Here's a list of foods and snacks to satisfy your post-Garba hunger.

Sev Khamani

Sev Khamani is made from Chana dal that has been soaked in water for 4-5 hours. This is very popular among Gujaratis. To garnish the Khamani, different types of sev are used. Spicy sev and salty sev are used to make the Khamani, depending on what the customer requests. Surat residents claim to have invented this dish, which is why Surti Sev Khamani is also a different variety of Sev Khamani. This is a tea time snack and can be eaten at any desired time.


Khandvi is another snack made from gram flour and buttermilk. This thin steamed gram flour roll is the perfect street food to pair with a cup of tea. Khandvi is one of Gujarat's most popular dishes. These rolls melt in your mouth once you have them, and the fact that they are simple to make with readily available ingredients makes them popular as a snack.


Fafda is a fried crispy snack made with gram flour that is laced with carom seeds and black pepper. It is a well-known Gujarati vegetarian snack. Fafda is also a popular teatime snack among Gujaratis. This is typically served with mint-coriander chutney, which leaves you wanting more.


Biranj is a sweet rice dish made with ghee, jaggery, and dry fruits. It is prepared for special occasions and festivals and served as a dessert. Biranj is not street food, but it is popular among Gujratis during Navratri. This flavourful sweet dish is the best way to cleanse the palate after a heavy Navratri meal. 

Faraali Pattice

Faraali pattice is a popular Gujarati snack that is especially popular during Navratri. Except for the taste, the preparation of faraali pattice is very similar to that of North Indian aloo Tikki. Both have a different filling in the centre and a potato shell on the outside. This is made especially for those who are fasting during Navratri because all of the ingredients used can be consumed while fasting. 

Pav Bhaji

This is the most well-known street food in India. After a long Dandiya night, this is the best meal. Depending on where you are in India, you will find different versions of this dish. Pav Bhaji is essentially a potato curry served with buttered pav. When it comes to street food, there is no substitute for this dish. Gujarati food stalls serve this late at night with their variations.

Navratri is a festival of food, and there are many dos and don'ts to keep in mind when preparing your meals during the festival. These dishes satisfy the hunger of those who are fasting by providing them with a variety of tasty snacks and meals. During Navratri, all dishes are sold without onion or garlic. This makes it easy for devotees to enjoy them without hesitation.

For Navratri, consider a trip to Gujarat and these Gujarati snacks when planning your stays on MyTravaly.com.

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