6 places to shop in Guwahati

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6 places to shop in Guwahati

Capital of Assam, Guwahati is a beautiful place to shop from. Famous tea leaves, Assamese traditional silk clothing and their durable and known hand curated items are all available in the local markets. The face of north India bazaar, Guwahati has various stores and bazaars which offer plenty of fascinating products.

Visiting and spending some spiritual time in Guwahati is always a treat. Within your stay time in Guwahati, you should also think of buying some rare stuff found there. We have prepared a list of shops and bazaars which have all the traditional clothing, handicrafts and tea leaves, etc.


Silkalay is a beautiful store to purchase smooth and shiny silk sarees. Located at Kamala Tower, Guwahati-Shillong Road, Ganeshguri, Guwahati, Assam. They have a huge collection of silk sarees; these sarees are exported all over India. Variety of silk sarees such as Muga, Pat, Eri, Mulberry and Tussar are available at the store.

Mekhela Chador, an Assamese dress that fits like a sarong is available at the store.

The store opens at 10:30 AM in the morning and closes at 8:30 PM.

Pragjyoti Assam Emporium

Pragjyoti Emporium is a government-based showroom which has the region’s best hand curated crafts. Run by the government of Assam, the showroom has extraordinary items available at low prices. You can visit the emporium and select some of the most unique hand curated crafts of traditional Assam.

Items such as Tribal crafts, bamboo crafts and handlooms are available at low prices here. It Is located in G.N.B Road, Ambari, Guwahati and is open from 10 AM to 6 PM.

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The Maati Centre

The Maati Centre promotes art and crafts of the young Assamese teenagers. It is a marketplace which is open for people to visit and purchase the art and crafts. In such a way selling art, they also promote the regional culture. Travelers like to visit the Maati Centre as they have the best collection of hand curated items.

Handloom products, jute collections, fragrances, pottery crafts, paper earrings, handmade paintings and many more artistic products are available at the store.

The store is located at 10, Lamb Road, DigholiPukhuri East, Uzan Bazar, Guwahati and is open from 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM every day.

Pan Bazaar

Local bazaars situated in Assam such as Paltan Bazaar, Fancy Bazaar, Pan bazaar are a perfect place to buy the region’s best local cloths and handmade items. Pan bazaar is a famous spot for travelers to shop from as it has various stores which offer products such as Bookshops, clothing, food, hand curated items and silk sarees.

Many interesting and unique items that are probably unknown for many of us are sold in this bazaar. You should definitely give this bazaar a visit. The bazaar is open from 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM every day.

Roodraksh Mall

Newly inaugurated Roodraksh Mall is a shopping plaza and entertainment zone, located near Bhangagarh Flyover, GS road, Guwahati. The mall is open from 10:30 AM to 9:30 PM every day. Branded stores, food shops and popular local brands are also available at the mall. It has a food court and a children’s play area to keep people of all age indulged.

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NEDFi Haat

Just like the Maati Centre, The NEDFiHaat is a store that sells hand curated art and craft of artists. They promote the regional culture and arts. They help artists from the unorganized sector to sell their products to the local public directly.

Special exhibitions and festive events are also organized by the corporation. It is located at Gopinath Bordoloi Road, Ambari, Guwahati and it opens from 10 AM to 6 PM every day. They have the best hand curated craft items available in the store.

Shopping is always a paradise, espically for women. they can travel hours and kilometers to fulfill their shopping cravings. One must take a look on streets to Guwahati, possibly they will find something unique and needful.

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