7 best lake to visit in and around New Delhi

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7 best lake to visit in and around New Delhi

New Delhi the capital city of our country has lots of things to offer which many of you might know it. Some of the prominent things for which the city is famous are narrow streets, a good connection of metro, land of historical stories, food, shopping and much more. 

Basically, New Delhi is the important city and one cannot forget the fact that the ancient and golden era of Indian history begins from here. 

New Delhi has always been known as crowded city with lots of things keep happening in every other corner.
But have you ever thought of the city with getaways where you can find peace and bliss of life? Surprising isn’t it and this capital city do have such spots where you can enjoy few peaceful moments of life. 

This blog is all about revealing 7 lakes in and around the city of Delhi which are perfect to get away from city madness.

Here is a list of 7 lakes which you can add in your bucket list 

Hauz Khaaz Lake, Delhi

The ancient and royal lake situated in the heart of city is the place where you can find peace. The exact meaning of name is Hauz is an Urdu word which means lake and Khaaz means royal; hence the royal lake or tank was built during era of Mughal Empire. Currently place is getting popular slowly and you can find lots of couples and friends visiting this place to hang out. 

Naini Lake, Delhi

Do not confuse yourself with Naini lake one in Nanital. Located in the northern side of Delhi Naini Lake is the perfect spot to have a good morning or evening walk. Considered as an needed get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You can find lots of family coming here to have a picnic during weekends. Keypoint to visit this lake is that you can enjoy boat riding here.

Sanjay Lake, Delhi

The lake is known as an artifical lake developed by Delhi Development Authority in the eastern side. The peaceful environment is nothing but bliss for the visitors. The place is also a good spot to enjoy bird watching. You can find lots of rare species of birds here which is perfect delight to your trip here.

Sultanpur Lake, Gurgoan

One of the beautiful lake situated around the city is Sultanpur Lake. It is situated in the Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary and adds more value of attraction to the visitors. The lake is considered a haven for bird watchers as one can spot over 90 species of bird here. With capturing these sweet little moments you can also enjoy picnic with your loved ones.

Damdama Lake, Gurgoan

An perfect spot to have adventure with living in nature. Damdama lake is just an hour drive from Delhi and is a prominent weekend getaway. You can find lots of heritage homes, resorts nature camps around the lake where you can reside and enjoy lots of adventure activities such as zip lining, kayaking, commando net, boating, born fire camping and much more.

SurajKund Lake, Faridabad

Another lake on the outskirts of Delhi needs to be added to your bucket list. This ancient water lake was built in 10th century by King Surjpal of Tomar Dynasty. The amphitheatrical shape of lake makes it look attractive. The places hold Surajkhand Craft Mela in February and visitors from all around the city visit this place.

Tilyar Lake, Rohtak            

Located 45km away from border of New Delhi, Tilyar Lake is a perfect spot to go on long drive during weekends. It is the place where you can spend your whole day lazing around the lake and enjoy the blissful environment. The cold breeze and chirping of the birds are the best part of spending time here. 

Delhi is visited for various purposes and most of them are common. Plan your trip to explore the unknown areas and corners and you never what catch your attention and make you happy!

Post is written by Ritika Arora: Content Writer, MyTravaly

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