A promising startup in the travel & tourism industry

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A promising startup in the travel & tourism industry

Stressing upon the importance of the travel and tourism industry, It is one of the 10 biggest industries in terms of revenue. As we are all aware of the importance of the movement of people from one place to another and the accommodation services required on the way.

The increasing demand for travelling brings a lot of participants and stakeholders into the game. So along with making the process easier it also makes it costly and sometimes complicated. The involvement of the third parties and the opportunity of their profit paves way for a costly service to travellers as well as hoteliers.

The travel industry is linked to the hospitality and hotel industry forms a closed knit system of numerous earning opportunities from booking to accommodation etc.

The vision to eradicate all the commission seekers in between the process of travelling, booking and availability of services. And let the travellers and the hoteliers meet directly for easy dealing for reasonable charges. Along with a first-hand experience of all the challenges in the indirect dealing and management of a hotel manually, the hike and difference in the final charges due to commission a hotelier becomes the founder of an established startup which works to make the whole process simple for each person involved in this. A mighty team of tech enthusiasts was built along with making the platform easy for participants and a lot of other additional services were also built to favour the hoteliers and travellers.

It was 'MyTravaly Worldwide' which endeavours all things to travel.

The founder, Mr Hamlet Roy has been the shining light in the growth of the company from a small unknown start-up to a whole team of dreamers and doers. Who seek significant changes in the structure of the market of tourism. The exceptional team is built and led by him which works consistently to materialize and even enhance the ideas envisioned by the founder step by step. It treats its employees as its greatest assets and therefore also maintains a fun work environment for its employees.  

Through this promising start-up, Mr Hamlet aims for an open system that paves way for a commission-less listing and reservation of accommodations. A closed community of travel enthusiasts from across the globe. Who share and learn through each other's experience of exploration. A reliable and seamless way of booking a comfortable stay through 247 assistance on tracing location, cancellation, easy rescheduling. Moreover, a platform for hoteliers enables the hotel to manage the repetitive and non-essential tasks artificially so that they could focus on more important tasks. Optimizes the revenue through analytics and reports.  Help the hoteliers build and maintain the relationship with customers and also enable them to effectively manage the check-in check out, accounts tasks, staff marketing and much more without a lot of manual labour and staffs involved.

The most asked question to MyTravaly has been regarding its source of earning to sustain in the corporate world. So, how does Mytravaly earn if it encourages zero commission from hoteliers to list their property to sell rooms and drive reservations all free of cost? Well, it is from the reasonable charges that MyTravaly takes as platform fee or subscription in return for the usage of the range of services offered by them to the hoteliers such as PMS, Channel Manager, Accounts Manager, Human Resource Manager, Customer Relationship Manager and a lot more of them. The company has cloud-based business tools for revenue management company. They use the business tools on a cost per click basis.  

There are various struggles faced by a growing company, foremost is to make the customers understand the value and uniqueness of the product being offered to them. Their use case and its future avenues. And one of the biggest challenges in today's era for the startup is their financial management due to the emerging policies which were even challenged by the pandemic. And lastly the fierce market competition due to the giants of the concerned domain, which demands the other company to play aggressively with utmost dedication and innovations. And so does Mytravaly to materialize its dream to become the market cap in the travel industry by empowering the travel and hosts. And is consistently on its path to collaborate with more and more hoteliers and enhance its all other services.     

The number of players involved in the booking process such as hotel networks, online aggregator, channel manager connecting company, online travel agencies,  marketing agencies and much more. The result of such numerous involvement leads to the increased charges of the rooms which are paid by the customers. MyTravaly aims to eradicate such opportunities from the way of booking procedure. And even saves the cost of listing the property on the booking sites by hoteliers, seeking zero commission from them in doing so on Mytravaly's website.

In this manner, MyTravely seeks some major amendments in the system of booking and listing the accommodations by making the process direct simpler and cutting a lot of costs in between.   

The market envisioned by MyTravaly in the coming years is very different from the current one that we see. It not only reduces the accommodation and travel costs but also lets the Hoteliers improve their services through the technical solutions offered by the company. It helps a hotelier improve their services through helping upon various domains of a business such as Human Resource, marketing, sales, accounts, report analyzer, property management and a lot of other areas. It even brings the travel community closer through its closed community and the emerging and unique features that interest travellers as well as common people. It also seeks to change the definition of finding an epic stay according to the preference of guests and reliable full-time assistance on their choices. 

The travel industry is one of the biggest contributors to the global GDP. Mytravaly's take upon the same is to revolutionize the solutions to the inconveniences faced by hoteliers as well as travellers. MyTravaly aims to provide the most effective solutions to the same by offering an all-in-one service to its customers. And attempts to simultaneously improve and innovate each of their services. Due to the reduction in the costs of booking and services on accommodation, the world is yet to see the highest jump in the curve of the travel revenue because of the increased affordability of travelling. Also, the hotels would have increased efficiency in services by the role of cloud-based services in the travel domain which saves them from a large number of direct and indirect risks associated with manual handling of data and service. 

MyTravaly Worldwide aims to become a global brand and is close to achieving its target to empower travellers and hoteliers through emerging technology. And bridge the gap between the key stakeholders of the travel industry through its revolutionary solutions.

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