Beachside Restaurants in Goa

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Beachside Restaurants in Goa

Goa is a must visit destination for all types of travellers. Beaches, scenic waterfalls, varities of alcohol and a relaxed environment make it the most popular destination in India. The Goan cuisine is far too popular with its fish curry, vindaloo, and rice. Goa is looked up as a perfect travel destination among all age groups. 

Here’s a list to check out the best restaurants overlooking the sea:-

1. Thalassa

Thalassa means the primaeval spirit of the sea, and this place is just like Greek mythology. This Greek joint on quiet Siolim beach is the one-stop place for satisfying your Greek hunger.
This place serves the best of Greek dishes. A fine dining experience and a view with an amazing sunset can make your evening delightful Greek salad and Sangria is a must try here.

2. Coconut Grove

As the name suggests, this place is best known for its dishes made out of coconuts. Famous for its live jazz and retro music, this place is a must-visit. It is an a-la-carte restaurant overlooking the pool and the Arabian Sea. The restaurant offers a wide variety of Goan, continental and seafood. You also get  local and international alcohol. 

You should try their barbeque and seafood.

3. Marbella Beach Restaurant

A restaurant with different seating styles to choose from, making it a place for everybody. This place has a wide variety of classic cocktails and wines. The menu is versatile, with North Indian and Goan dishes to try. They are also famous for their Italian dishes. A restaurant is a perfect place to relax and chill with friends and family.

You should try their Italian dishes and Goan cuisine.

4. Purple Martini

An elevated restaurant with a view of the sunset makes this place popular among travellers. Their famous cocktails named uniquely are the best to try there. Mediterranean cuisine is also popular among people. If you like partying, then this is the place for you on a Saturday night, enjoy the party vibes with live saxophone here.

You should try their Nutella Banana Almond Pancakes and cocktails.

5. Sundowner Bar

The Sundowner is on an island on Palolem Beach, which gives it a view on both sides. Both the views are spectacular, and the sunset there is a must. The view makes this the most visited bar among the tourists. They also provide a bonfire, and the restaurant is famous for its alcoholic drinks and pizza to pair with them. There are options for vegans as well.

You should try their pizza.

6. Burger Factory

The place is new in its area but already famous for its mouth-watering burgers. Situated on Anjuna beach, with overlooking  beach. The chef of this joint has his take on these burgers. The place is made from all recycled materials, giving it an earthy feel. This place is also popular because of its friendly staff and its cocktails.

You should try their Gourmet Burger and watermelon juice.

7. Antares

This Australian theme restaurant makes it to the list. The restaurant uses organic ingredients, making it the healthiest place in Goa. The place also serves the best-woodfired pizza and their signature cocktails. The restaurant is on a small hill, which gives the best view of the sea. The live performances performed by famous artists make it a must-visit place.

You should try Salads and any woodfired pizza.

Goa has many restaurants and shacks. This list makes it easy for you to choose. All the places mentioned above have a picturesque view of the sea and the sand. These places are perfect for a relaxing and peaceful evening.

This post is written by Amey Mohite, content Writer, MyTravaly.

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