Best outfits for Durga Pooja and where to find in India

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The dress, attire, costumes are considered as one of the important aspects of festival and celebration. Clothes are the best way to define our self how we look, feel and how much importance a particular event matters to us. Outfits are among those things whose preparations begins before a month of the actual day of the festival.

Each festival has its special attire and each attire signifies its unique tradition and culture. 

Durga Pooja is one such festival where we can see different kinds of outfits in vibrant colours, styles, forms and intricate designs.
9 days of Navratri celebrations includes 9 different attire each combined with matching accessories, makeup and hairstyles. Shopping for the attire of these festivals starts right before three, four months of the festival. 

This blog will make you accustomed to the different outfits of Durga Pooja and where they can be found in India.

Here are must try outfits during Navratri

Laal Paar Saree

The first attire which comes to mind after listening to Durga Pooja is the red and white saree. This attire of saree is considered to be one of the most important outfits of the occasion. Earlier it used to be worn only by married women of the Bengali community. In today’s time, it is worn by all the women even one belonging from another community. Do not forget to wear matching accessories and a dark red bindi with the saree.

Where to find: West Bengal and few parts of Assam.

Ankarli Suit

Ankarli Suit is the evergreen attire for any celebration and similarly, it is prominent in Navratri too. Shop a good Ankarli suit for this Durga Pooja. Outfit becomes comfortable during pandal hopping and Garba dance, rather than getting uncomfortable with a heavy outfit it's best to wear a comfortable one.

Where to find: Uttar Pradesh

Indo Western Saree

In this era of the western period, wearing and paring mismatched outfits is a trend. Nowadays Saree is being worn in various ways, with different types of blouse or tops. Drape your saree with a knot in this festive season and look glamourous. Every woman looks beautiful in any kind of saree and so you will too!

Where to find: Entire Country

Jamindar Pattern Kurta

Men are not less behind when it comes it traditional attire for the festival. Jamindar pattern kurta is an old form of kurta worn by Zamindars of the olden period. The unique thing about this outfit is that it looks quite similar to the traditional attire of Gujarati dance from Garba. Complete yourself with this look along with pleated silk dhoti. 

Where to find: Kolkata, Assam

Khadi Kurta

Khadi kurtas are considered as one of the most comfortable attire for men. It can be worn in any season as the kurta can get adapted to any type of climate. Earlier Khadi kurta was used to be available only in pale colours but now you can find it in various dark and neon colours. Make yourself with Khadi kurta in this festive season and look good!

Where to find: Gujarat, Rajasthan, few parts of Jammu and Kashmir

Chikankari Kurta

Chikankari is a famous fabric from the state of Uttar Pradesh. The fabric is designed with utmost care and is considered as one of the most beautiful clothing fabrics in the country. The kurta is not only easy to carry but also very comfortable and light to wear. Wear this light shade traditional kurta in Durga Pooja and look good.

Where to find: Lucknow

Make yourself ready with these unique and beautiful outfits of Navratri and immerse yourself in the celebrations of this traditionally important festival of the country. 

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