Best restaurant a foodie must visit in India

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Best restaurant a foodie must visit in India

Humans used to live for three basic needs of life, house, clothes, food. As time evolved things got keep adding to it but things that are constant till today are above mention. If we bifurcate more, it will be understood that food is the most important necessity of every living being on this planet.

Food is the basic necessity which helps us to gain energy, keep us going and recently it has been discovered that trying and adapting new food dishes in our lives can make us happy. Food was and is an important part of us, in today’s time the culture of eating and experimenting new food has turned it into such a big event.

That today we even have a day to celebrate food day. A day to celebrate the basic necessity of life and enjoy the day by visiting different hotspots, trying new or our favourite evergreen dishes.

What is international food day?

World Food Day is celebrated every year on 16th October.  It is celebrated to remember the establishment of the Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations in 1945.  It has been 76 years that this day is marked to enjoy the lovable and tempting food all over the world.

Why celebrate it?     

The aim main to conduct World Food Day is to not only enjoy the food but also to create awareness about the importance of food and how lakhs of people undergo the scarcity of food every year. World Food Day brings the important message of stop wasting food and if it is not your need then it is surely somebody else needs.

Best restaurant in India to be visited by all the foodie’s

The Bombay Canteen, Mumbai

Situated in financial capital of India, this restaurant is a combination of olden and modern times. You can enjoy the essence of ancient history of the city and as the evening comes closer you can observe the place transforming into party hub. The restaurant carries a special place in the hearts of its loyal visitors. People like visiting this place because of the traditional and beautiful ambience, its overwhelming staff and the food. The food keeps changing here every season what remains the same is the aroma and the special ingredients. 

Must try food: Modern India in Platter serve with smile.

Indian Accent, New Delhi

Indian Accent is the most prized and preferred restaurant by the Delhiites. Chef Mehrotra is the true artist of this food hub, the dishes designed by him are world famous and people crave the food prepared by him. You define what you are wanting to taste and you will find it here. Some of the classic dishes which are must try here are Kababs, Kulcha, rumali roti pancakes for starters. In your main course, you must include prawns, chicken, crab with red chutney, associated your meal with a special Indian Accent Cocktail or mocktail. Post which completes your food with shahi kulfis.

Bomra’s, Goa

A place filled with party hubs, resorts and beaches, there lies a restaurant that arrives from Burma and becomes the most favored restaurant by localities. This traditional and kept secret Burmese restaurant is situated in the heart of the state, run by chef Bawmra Jap. Bomra is an open-air restaurant with a unique ambience, the restaurant provides you a view of Agoda Fort and beach. Enjoy a can of wine or beer with this relaxing vibe here. Seafood lovers head to this place as it can be paradise for you.

Must Try Food – Black Pomfret, Mussels and Tomato Salad.

Toast and Tonic, Bangalore

Situated in the Silicon Valley of India, the restaurant is own by Chef Manu Chandra is the magician of this wonderland. He keeps experimenting with different food and spices and creates magic. Whether it's Bandel from Kolkata, Chocolates from Shillong, Tea from Munnar and Coffee from Coorg, whatever combination happens in the kitchen of the restaurant it appears as a miracle on the plates. Every item prepared here has a signature finishing of Toast and Tonic.

Must Try Food- soft shell crab, white sauce pasta and sausages.

Mocambo, Kolkata

The restaurant with old charms in the heart of West Bengal is the most visited place. Though the world has evolved with the technological invention, after visiting Mocambo you will feel that you have entered into a different era. Everything is old here right from carpets to curtains but these old things is what makes it the best.

Must Try Food- Devilled Crab, Chicken Stroganoff and baked Alaska.

Agashiye, Ahemdabad

To all the vegetarians out there, Agashiye is the true delight to for you. Originally called as the Vegetarian eatery of Ahmedabad, Place serves some of the best Gujarati as well as North Indian food. This heritage hotel is known for its services and some classic dishes. If you looking to have a royal dinner head to Agashiye.

Must try Food-

The shahi thali.

Food is something which no one can ignore and hence if you are a true foodie, enjoy this World Food day by visiting one of the restaurants and tasting its must try dishes.

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