Crisis on Human Resource Management caused by Covid-19

MyTravaly_Logo  Yajika Agrawal 01 Aug, 2020 5 mins read 293
Crisis on Human Resource Management caused by Covid-19

The pandemic Coronavirus has shaken the pillars of world economy which is resulting in shutting down of companies and loss of no. of jobs. In this circumstance, Travel & Hospitality industry has been badly affected; nearly 45% jobs will be eliminated. Working from home is monotonous, but can be productive especially when you are developing polices, research and documentation. Travel businesses are not able to sustain because their reservations have come down to zero & expenditures remain same as before. Companies are in big trouble, so are the employees. Some companies are giving pink slips to their employees; some are opting for leave without pay and salary cut.
However, big companies are still able to survive somehow. But startups are the dangerously affected ones which will result crisis in the Human Resource management. I shall talk more about the challenges faced by travel based startups (employers), their employees and human resource personnel.

For employers:

1) Zero Reservation: Air & Land, all boundaries are lockdown. No ticketing, no reservations causing all travel companies zero business.

2) Lack of funds: As they aren’t getting any business, lack of fund is obvious. They don’t have funds to maintain business expenditure.

3) Difficulty in sustaining business: Without cash inflow, it’s impossible to run any business smoothly. Companies are struggling to sustain in business.

4) Uncertainty: Even if, situation comes to normal over the time, people will compromise with travelling & lodging. Keeping “uncertainty” in mind, most of the companies are firing employees & shutting down supporting departments.

For Employees:

1) Lack of motivation In this situation: Employees are uncertain about their job, salary and their future. They have started losing the zeal towards their work. As the business situation is uncertain, they are worried about their future. Uncertainty is aggravating anxiety among them.

2) Fear of getting the infection: Employees are hesitating to travel for not to be victim of coronavirus and requesting work from home.

For Human Resource Personnel

1)  Maintain balance between employer and employees: Interests Businesses aren’t doing good so facing issue with funds, and on the other hand employees are uncertain about their work and salary. For an HR person it’s getting extremely difficult to balance their interests.

2) Employee engagement and motivation: The biggest challenge in front of HR persons is to motivate their employees towards work, when they are least interested towards their work because of business related and personal issues due to pandemic of coronavirus. Engaging highly unmotivated employees is a tremendous issue for HR persons.

3) Work from home: Employees are asking work from home. When employees are working from home, it’s a big task to coordinate with all the employees.

Now, the big question is “What can be done?”

1) Discussing issues with the employees: Employers can discuss issues raised because of the pandemic situation with all the employees and ask their thoughts and solution. This will give them feeling of belonging.

2) Diversification of business: Many companies are diversifying their businesses to other sectors. This can be good option for the companies in the long run and to sustain their name in the industry.

3) Providing financial support: Employers should provide financial support to their employees by providing their salary for the work done by them. This will motivate them towards their work and make them loyal to the company.

4) Providing psychological support: Support groups can be formed with or without professional to relieve anxiety and stress. In extreme cases, professional support also can be arranged.

In a nutshell, I can say that we must have to come together and fight as a team to overcome this pandemic situation. We @MyTravaly are working our level best to support our employees, partners and beloved travelers.

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