Food to eat in Slight winters

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Food to eat in Slight winters

Winter is the season of the year when we get the opportunity to sleep for long hours inside blanket, have cup of coffee with born fire, eat warm food and enjoy the cold breeze of air. Winter season is the time which people enjoy at the most, four months of the year when you can travel, enjoy the weather and have a good quality time. 

Food are the best part of this season, some food are just prepared and made available during winters. Snacks, sweets and in almost every food you can find special winter delicacies. The reason behind eating warm and high cholesterol food is that it keeps you healthy and immune against the cold weather.

Here is a list of food items which you must try during winters

Sweet Potato

A sweet vegetable which comes from different species of potatoes are find everywhere during the season. It is roasted on born fire or on frypan covered sand, found in various parts of northern India. It is eaten as roasted with salt over it, it is a good dish to keep you warm and October to December is the peak season when it is available in markets.


Honey is all time favourite food substance used and enjoyed in lots of delicacies and even sometime carries a medicinal importance in times of illness. It is believed that having hot honey water in morning can help you in being healthy, even licking a spoon of honey is good for your throught. Keep your mouth sweet with honey in these winters!

Jaggery and Groundnuts

This is the best combination you will find in winters. Hot groundnuts and sweet jaggery is a snack which can be eaten in part of the day and loved by all right from children to elders. Being one of the inexpensive snacks you can buy in larger quantity and enjoy it with your loved ones in winter nights.


An important and healthiest substitute used in food in our country is Ghee. It is applied over Rotis, chappatis and parathas and it taste yum after applying this substitute. Also adding a spoon of Ghee in your daal and vegetables can increase its value and might turn into yummier.

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This is the season when nuts are bought from market in large number and eaten in raw form or roasted. Also they are added in special winter’s dishes such as Gajar ka Halwa, Besan ke Laddo and in many other dishes. Make yourself feel warm by eating lots nuts in this period. 

Hot Soups

Hots soups and cold nights are the best combinations ever. Soups have always been considered a tasty drink and that too with no harm. Earlier there were limited variety of soup, but you just have to name a veggie and you can find a soup of it. Fill your stomach with delights of soups and have a good winter season.

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Make your winter days warm and healthy by trying these foods and drinks and enjoy the weather of cold nights inside blankets to the fullest.

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