Himachal Pradesh:  My trip to hub of serenity

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Himachal Pradesh:  My trip to hub of serenity

Have you ever dreamed of having a home at a location where all you can see is huge snow-clad mountains, sense cool breezes and find yourself alive from within? I see such dreams almost every night and today's blog is nothing but just a description of one of my dreams. Before starting let's have a conversation about my thoughts on nature.

Speaking about it I have always been a person who is ever ready to live in nature, be with nature away from all the hustle and bustle of life. I'm that person who will prefer staying in a peaceful land rather than in the chores of the city. After reading the blog I hope you will start feeling the same.

"DevBhoomi" literal meaning "land of God" is a land where the environment is filled with spirituality and people travel to find the truth of their lives. The place is known for its beautiful valleys, natural landscapes, magnificent mountains and perfect weather. Yes, you guess it right I'm talking about Himachal Pradesh a part of our country where everything you see, you feel is nothing but magical.

Himachal Pradesh has lots of things to offer. It’s a perfect place for any type of traveller whether you are an adventure person, someone who needs to have leisure time, looking for backpacking, want to experience the spiritual side of yourself and many such things.  

 Located in the western Himalayas the state is the gateway to the north-eastern part of the country. If anyone plans to travel to the north-eastern, they need to pass through this state. 

After reaching, you can either hire a taxi for the entire stay or you can travel with the local transport too. The first place which you can opt to explore is Shimla and Manali.  From being quiet, peaceful and serene; these two towns have attracted more people and tourists over the years.

You can enjoy the mall road of Shimla and immerse yourself in the hustle and bustle of the city. Manali is the right spot for all the adventurous people as this place has lots of things to offer in terms of adventure activities. The benefit of visiting these two towns is that all other major attractions are not much far from here and you can explore them as one-day excursions.

The next destination which should be a must on your circuit should be, Dharmshala.  It is a perfect blend of peace and spirituality. The colourful Tibetian flag, rolling prayer wheels, melodious sounds of chirping birds and ringing bells contribute to the charm of this destination which is attracting a large number of travellers from all over the world.

The third spot is for all the adventure seekers which love taking risks and challenges. If you are one of these then Bir Billing is the right place for you. The place is the adventure capital of the state and if you looking for paragliding, it will be a perfect kick-start for you. The place is the second best site for paragliding after Italy.

If you want to enjoy village life, Kasol can be the answer to your question. It is a small but beautiful village that sits perfectly in the scenic Parvati Valley If you want to chill and hang-out, Kasol is the best choice. Modern bars, authentic cafes and delightful cuisines are the specialities of this happening modern village.

The last spot which I would highly recommend is the hill station of Dalhousie. The hilly area offers perfect detox and tranquil atmosphere to travellers. The place is the go-to spot for honeymooners and for the family trip also.  Being in this place and not enjoying the scenic beauty of mountains will make you realize how many beautiful moments you are missing in your life.

These were my top recommended places for you if you ever plan to visit Himachal Pradesh in the future. To be honest, the whole state is on my bucket list and one day I will surely visit every corner of it. I will suggest that everyone should must-visit Himachal once in their lifetime. The sooner you visit the place, the happier you will be!

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