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How To Start a Podcast with MyTravaly

MyTravaly_Logo  MyTravaly Admin 29 Jun, 2021 7 mins read 136
How To Start a Podcast with MyTravaly

Podcasting is a far less crowded and competitive area than blogging, now is an excellent moment to get started.  There are little over 1.75 million podcasts as of June 2021 but over 600 million blogs.

If you're looking for a step-by-step guide on how to create a podcast, you have come to the perfect spot. Starting a podcast isn't difficult but there are a few steps you will need to follow to get it up and running. We will walk you through every stage of the podcasting process in this tutorial.

Let's get this party started!


This is the first and often neglected step in creating a podcast. You will need to spend some time here before proceeding. Take out a notebook or a whiteboard and start planning your podcast like a pro.

Selection of Topic and Name

You can create a podcast that focuses on a specific topic or niche. Try to limit it down to something you can talk about for a long time but isn't so wide that you won't appeal to your potential audience. Instead of having an “outdoor” podcast, talk about hiking or even more specifically, Hiking in Himachal.

Some are descriptive of the show's content, while others are irrelevant. Using the hiking example from before, what happens if we chose “The Hiking in Himachal” as our name and then want to talk about backpacking and camping as well? Instead, choose a name that will allow you to expand later if necessary. Perhaps “Mountain Adventures” might work because it refers to hiking in Himachal but allows you to talk about whatever you desire.

Format of the Show and Episodes

Several "experts" believe that particular lengths are ideal for podcasts. The problem is that that is completely untrue. Because the typical driving duration is 28 mins, you don't need a 28 mins podcast. Or less than an hour because people can't focus for more than that long. There are 5-minute podcasts and 6-hour podcasts. Find what works best for you and go for it

Although Interview shows are popular that doesn’t mean you have to do one. You can do solo or co-host the shows half the time and interview the other half.

Get creative with episode format. Create different segments that make it easier to share small clips on social media too.

Music for the intro and outro

It's simple to search, you get a full licence, and they have a variety of styles. For further alternatives, search for royalty-free music on the Internet or YouTube. Most folks do not require an endless subscription-style music service, they only require a song or two.

Selection of equipment

If you have a USB microphone with an XLR connection, it allows you to record without purchasing a new microphone. Instead, you can simply record with your phone or headphones.

Audio capture and editing

Even simple tasks in GarageBand or Audacity can be overwhelming if you've never used editing software before. Understandably, audio production is rife with jargon. If this is the case, Alitu could be the way to go. It's a 'podcast making' tool that automates many of the difficult technical aspects and practically generates your episode for you.

Instead, MyTravaly allows you to add background audio and make advanced adjustments to add spirit to your episodes.

Submission to MyTravaly

  • Go to and log in or sign up for a community account.
  • Go to My Profile and then Dashboard
  • Click on the Add podcast on the left side
  • Click on 'create podcast' and filling the required details and cover image, click on 'create' to proceed.
  • Choose 'live recording' or 'upload' to create episodes.
  • After finishing, enter details and choose 'save as draft'.
  • As all the episodes line up below, you can select 'edit' to add background audio, adjust the volume before 'publish' to let other members access the podcast.

In case you are wondering, we have helped hundreds of people to create podcasts over the previous few months and have started a few shows. Do you want to start a podcast as soon as possible?

Our community members are enthusiasts from across the globe who love to explore fascinating stories, documentaries and interviews with some inventive creators. MyTravaly's podcast offers you some latest features for convenience, customization and enhancement through live recording. Also, it allows you to add background audio and make advanced adjustments to add spirit to your episodes, so allow the microphone and get started with your quirky ideas right.

Sign up for MyTravaly and create your own podcast. Also, follow us on Instagram & Facebook for more details.

This story is written by Dhawal Goshar: Content Writer, MyTravaly


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