How can an NGO raise fund using mytravaly's fundraiser

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How can an NGO raise fund using mytravaly's fundraiser

As you are visiting this website we believe that you are either interested in raising funds for your NGO or support a social cause or connected with an NGO.

So, welcome to Mytravaly's fundraiser, it is quite simple and easy to raise a fund from the platform. So here are the things that you need to know before getting started.

Who can raise funds and what kind of project is supported by Mytravaly's fundraiser?

  • A representative who volunteers/supports an NGO for the project or has their own social cause.
  • Any proposal or demand for personal finance/education/community/medical cause/personal problems/expense isn't supported by the fundraising platform. 
  • Mytravaly's fundraiser lets you support one or more causes from the 17 sustainable development goals outlined by the United Nations General Assembly.
  • Fundraiser to create awareness for human rights and such issues are considered.

Why raise funds from Mytravaly's Fundraiser?  

  • Supports a Social Cause - Helps NGOs raise funds and lets people donate for a cause that they stand by
  • No Commission - Entire amount raised on the platform is transfered to the concerned Organization/NGOs only.
  • Fast & Safe Donation - Hassle-free and secure way to raise funds for projects.
  • Multiple Payment Modes - Various online payment modes directly connected to our official website through which NGO's receive payment confirmation. 
  • Personalized Assistance - We provide personalized support and assistance to Users/Organizers/NGOs as well as donors. 
  • User-Friendly Dashboard - Lets the user seamlessly search for the cause and donate with ease.
  • Analytical Tools - Enabling NGOs to track donations and other tools for analyzing.

How does it work

  1. Fundraiser is created 
  2. Receives approval 
  3. Details can be viewed from 'STATS MANAGER'. 
  4. Now, you can share the Fundraiser link to social networks, email, DM, etc. 
  5. Receive all funds to the designated Bank Account on monthly basis.

How to start a fundraiser through the platform?

Starting a Fundraiser with MyTravaly is simple.

  • If you are already a member of Mytravaly community-

You can directly login here & hit “Raise Money” from the dashboard. And then follow the steps below to create your fundraiser.

  • If you are not a member of our community-

You can register here. Registration is free & simple. All you need to do is add your first name, last name, email id, select gender, contact no, add password, confirm given password, verify reCaptcha and click on Signup. An email will be sent to your given email id to verify. Please verify and proceed to login. Hit the button “Raise Money” from the dashboard, once you are logged in. Follow the steps below to create your fundraisers.

Here are the steps to go through while raising fund for your supported project.

As you have hit the button “Raise money” from your profile's dashboard you will be directed to an application form where you need to fill the requirements as follows-

  1. Title: Pick a relevant, apt and appealing title that explains your cause/project that you support and motivates people to donate and also motivates others to step up and support.
  2. Category under SDG: Select the category of the cause that you care for and intend to support from the drop down, there are 17 options out of which you ought to choose only one according to the category of sustainable development goal for which you want to raise the fund.
  3. Amount to raise: Enter the amount that you require to support the societal causes in the respective field and accordingly you can increase or decrease the amount though the side clicks. Set that as your goal, the amount you need to implement the project’s activities, you won't be able to change it once you submit. 
  4. Currency: Choose the currency that you are comfortable donating from the options provided in the drop down.
  5. Start date & End date: Choose the span of time that is sufficient for generating the fund by selecting the starting and ending date from the calendar provided. You can select duration about a year or more than a year. Specify the roundabout duration of the project by selecting the starting and ending date of the project through the provided calendar in the concerned tab. after entering the above details click next.
  6. Organization detail: Enter an accurate and authentic detail of the organization which includes the name, address, registration number along with the basic required detail of the person who will be contacted to carry further procedures and references,  after entering the above details click next.
  7. Project details: Describe a brief background and justification of the concerned organisation & project for which the fund is being generated, little description of the main activities. Enter the number of people to be directly benefited from the fund, the effect of the activities upon the beneficiaries, specification about the results expected through the donation and the means by which you intend to measure the progression of the expected goal of your project/organization. Please specify if the activities performed are also supported or funded by any other source/body/ organization. after entering the above details click next.
  8. This is about progress of the project & how our community members can contribute: Choose from the drop-down menu - how often have you planned to inform about the progress of the project that you plan to support and engage with.
  9. Detail out upon what MyTravaly's closed community members can do to support and contribute towards implementing your project. Our community members are travel enthusiasts, they travel for cause, you may like to invite them to your location for the project. If you are inviting, please detail out how they can engage themselves in implementation of a project, manage accommodation, food, travelling, etc. 

 after entering the above details click Submit. 

 That’s all, now may wait for the approval. One of us will be coordinating you in your further process.

Transfer of Funds:

On a monthly basis, the full amount of fund raised is transferred to the designated bank account of your user/organizer/NGO’s without deducting any commission. 5 to 7% will be deducted as fees for payment gateway. The “Pro-Member” of our community can create fundraisers. If you are not a Pro-member please avail the option from subscription, tab to “view plan” and proceed with it.

Now that you are aware of the procedure and details let’s create fundraiser for the cause/project that you support >

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