How to Start Podcasting with MyTravaly's Podcast

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How to Start Podcasting with MyTravaly's Podcast

A static content attracts less attention than an interactive one.

When it comes to delivering content, if we talk about making a video, the challenges associated with it are often unique to the kind of video we are trying to make. There are a lot of skills needed to produce a quality video. Some of the most common problems related to it are unclear delivery. It could be due to the wrong format chosen to deliver particular content, for example: the poor picture quality on a scene oriented video can be a turn off. To grow in this industry one needs good editing skills to enhance the lucidity and make it more engaging and appealing.
The environment also plays a significant role in video production which is why people who shoot regularly prefer a studio with the correct lighting, tripod, and other equipment on which the success of quality content depends. Moreover it is an undeniable fact that producing video content is comparatively a longer process than audio or text delivery of content. Writing a script, taking multiple retakes, editing, enhancing, followed by promotion and distribution. For video production one needs to master the whole process. 

Coming to writing, engaging a person through text is even difficult. Thorough research is required before creating a write up. Editing your content is also important. To appeal to today’s smart audience, one needs a unique writing delivery style to stand out in the crowd. Along with a decent concept one also needs an engaging and lucid narrative which pushes the reader to the next line and that involves a very precise selection of words, connections for conventional tone and the bottom line is that delivering a written content depends upon a lot of other factors related to writing, other than ideas and publishing. 

Nowadays, another popular and simpler method of content delivery is ' podcast'. 

People who regularly listen to podcasts have agreed that there's something about a podcast that makes them feel motivated. Hearing the dialogue and tone of an experienced podcaster, they experience a connection through the real voices of a conversation and entertains their imagination on a different level. They feel connected to the person who is streaming, they enjoy every episode and find themselves eagerly waiting for the next one. It entertains one’s vision without straining the eyes. A person who goes for a jog can learn about something or get entertained with only the help of headphones. Some people even claimed to find their own voices while listening to various formats available, it even helped them find ideas for their own podcast and found motivation to build a career into it. For others it has been a life changing experience hearing experts from around the world and bringing some brilliant people into their circle and growth oriented opportunistic environment from a thrilling conversation which is difficult to experience with written words.

Since production of a podcast is simple, it is easier for experts in psychology or finance to give the best of advice through sessions that could last less than 10 minutes. You can escape from the complications of getting into video production and the person listening can listen to it without spending an extra minute by perfectly being engaged in their work!

Do you wish to share and interact with the world without switching on your camera?? You might want to get started without having to buy expensive digital lenses or invest your time mastering your video production skills! If yes, read on!

So, why are we talking about this? 

We want to share ideas or creation to an audience at minimal effort, where we need not learn about extensive editing, image rendering, body language or writing skills, engaging content, etc, and simply opt and alternative. It isn't about being good or bad but it is different, podcast is something of which we all are aware but most of us haven't weighted its potential and relevance to the current busy scenario and potential growth therefore find it bootless. If you agree with this let me add something to your perception. A podcast is already among the latest trends which is even improving due to the after-effects of the pandemic when less socializing is promoted. Podcasts provide a narrative which requires less effort than reading and has a portable advantage over a video that can be heard in the busiest of space to day life as well as in solitude. 

Podcasts require a lot less effort to create an image than writing due to the tone and voice of the podcaster. It brings a human tone to a piece of script, giving life to a simple story through human voice which can set the tone background and delivery according to the feeling that you want to evoke in a reader's mind and imagination. Have you ever thought if we can publish it without the help of a producer or a publisher?

Listeners these days are addicted to podcasts and are loyal to the updates and even promote if they find it recommendable. The best thing about it is that they are easy to create with very reasonable equipment such as microphone and headphone at a minimum, and you can build a library of content with minimum efforts and shortest of time. You are likely to master speaking for audio earlier than shooting a video and developing a lucid and engaging writing style. Overall podcasts allow you to reach and create a customer base of millions. 

Here are a few points to consider if you are thinking, "Maybe I can try!"

We can think of a podcast as portable radio. To start a podcast, you need to think from the listeners' point of view about the niche that you choose because while creating we often forget to view the material from the consumer's point of view and end up confused as to why we aren't able to grab attention. One also needs to focus on delivery. Being a beginner you can always take a look at the most successful podcasts and the things that you can incorporate organically into your material. It also helps to generate new ideas and explore the categories of your interests. It will help you avoid the things or a particular emotion that you don't want to evoke in your audience, by specifically eliminating some characters of the audio.

We all wish to become popular in our fields and today in the era of technology we have a lot of advantages you need to make thorough research upon the types of niche that are popular, which you think you can try. Try to dissect the elements that are boosting its reach. The viewers of the solo podcast, the type of audience demands, the type of content that goes well with this type of podcasts and also some special elements that are present in every successful podcast. The same goes for all other categories of podcast such as interviews, conversational, and so on.  

Now, this is important the name of your podcast, before choosing a random unique name, go through the keywords related to the category of your products that are popular and will rank your material at the beginning, don't try to choose a very weird name and grab the attention in the market cause there are people who were doing it since you weren't born. You need to incorporate the most searched keywords into your title to decently rank into the search results and should also convey a sense of what it is going to be about, nobody has time to first get confused and then seek out the mystery behind the title directly give them the info without their asking or figuring out-just to get heard.

 Editing a podcast is simple and therefore there are a large number of people who can do it marvelously and you need to practice more and more to stand out in the market cause the things which are easy for you may be easiest to someone else so the more you do, the more you get insights of how sound, volume normalization, etc can affect your listeners.

A thing which probably fewer people know about a podcast is that investing less on equipment and more on editing can get you ahead in the crowd. You can enhance the overall quality of audio through editing and even find a paid software which fits your bill and is worthy. You also need to find a good and reliable hosting and streaming platform which provides you more than a simple space to publish your podcast. A space that provides some enhancing and analytical features as well that help you know more about the quality and receptiveness of your content. Last is to remain committed to it for a time being without any expectations to continue even with one listener because there is no better shortcut to build trust and loyalty with your audience than providing a regular quality service.  You can even create a buzz online before launching the first episode of a particular series. The most important thing is enjoying what you do. Do not choose a category that doesn't entertain or thrill you personally. Choose a topic you are deeply interested in, create something marvelous and something that was never done before!

While we are at it, let me introduce MyTravaly's Podcast on it's closed community that gives you an access to some freshly launched trending features to modify and make it even more convenient to launch your own episodes with security at zero charges! It welcomes podcasters from across the globe to join the platform and start their own show today. It helps you stream with ease and convenience and also lets you escape from the pain of gaining an audience because the community members are already waiting to engage with your content! The community members are adventurous and love trying out various things that excite them, and therefore we're working to add  more advanced features to our podcasts to let you live stream and do much more from our platform.

Join MyTravaly's Closed Community to explore as well as share your knowledge, experiences and ideas at zero charges. You get to interact with enthusiasts from across the globe and share your content through podcasts, posts, blogs, pictures and avail some solid deals on accommodation from MyTravaly by availing our excellent personalized services!

So why wait? Join today

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