How will covid-19 change business trip planning

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How will covid-19 change business trip planning

Due to several lockdowns around the world, businesses discovered creative ways to engage with consumers and associates. Many people said that the 'new normal' of working from home was here to stay. Business travel on the other hand adds to economic growth and cannot be stopped.

Given that the world is still coping with a pandemic, businesses are adopting greater caution when planning business trips. As a result, they are paving the way for a more conscious approach to corporate trip planning that is contactless, efficient and less expensive. Here's a peek at how COVID-19 will alter the landscape of business travel.


Businesses have begun to return to face-to-face meetings, which implies that an increasing number of employees will soon be travelling to different cities and nations. To be safe, they would like to have more control over business travel management. Employees would like more direct flight options, information on the hotel sanitisation processes and real-time alerts on any cancellations, delays or disruptions.

For these reasons, businesses will greatly benefit from utilising a business travel management solution that provides them with a large range of business-friendly hotels, free booking adjustments, an instant approval system and 24-hour customer service. Employees can use such a website to discuss their preferences and get more involved in the planning of a work trip.


According to one estimate, business travel will be fully recovered by 2025. Sanitation regulations and social distance regulations will stay in place until then. As a result, organisations must be aware of business travel advancements that promote contactless connections in order to protect employee health and welfare.

Similarly, systems would be needed to manage new travel documents, such as vaccine passports, which could enter the picture. Innovative travel management technologies that provide cloud-based assistance, real-time updates and contactless boarding will gain popularity. They will not only aid in crucial business trip around COVID, but will also shape the way people travel for years to come.


Travel planning during COVID requires support, whether it's regarding flexible bookings, travel limits, insurance, medical help and state or country-specific standards. Companies will require powerful 24-hour customer service to make business travel planning during Coronavirus less tiresome. Collaboration with a business travel management agency can help with this.


As we enter a world still reeling from a pandemic, business travel must be more cautious. Companies can safeguard the safety and well-being of their employees by giving it a little more thought and utilising existing business travel solutions. They can also avoid losing money if they need to change reservations or make last-minute alterations to their trip plan.


People also had to cancel many bookings in the last several months, which has highlighted the reality that cancellations are time-consuming and stressful. The reason for this is that most businesses book business trips through various travel sites. When customers cancel or modify a reservation, they are left with money in various online wallets.

However, after COVID most businesses will use an integrated business travel booking and administration platform that provides them with a vast inventory of hotels.  If they have to cancel or modify a reservation, they will be able to use the returns more wisely and immediately. They will also save money by eliminating superfluous spending, receiving cheaper booking ideas and taking advantage of free modifications or discounts.

MyTravaly is a booking platform designed to make business travel planning easier. It gives businesses real-time dynamic prices for hotels, maintains travel history for a more personalised booking experience and allows employees to check bookings, payments and trip information from a single dashboard.

It provides the most convenient approach to organise key business travel during COVID. Why not give it a shot if you haven't already?

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