In conversation with Mahima Iyer, a.k.a. Tastingwithfingers

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In conversation with Mahima Iyer, a.k.a. Tastingwithfingers

Mahima Iyer, she is not just a blogger, she is one of the most followed bloggers across the country. (45K+ as we write the blog) Her Instagram is full of food delicacies, her exquisite travel monologues; and above all, her journey from a food enthusiast to getting paid as a blogger. Let’s read on to find out her journey so far.

Q.Tell us a little about yourself.

A 23-year-old International Relations BA (Hons) student who likes to soak in one day at a time. I am someone who loves to eat! Exploring new cuisines and traveling to try different dishes is something I absolutely love doing.
Plus, in my free time reading Fiction Novels and Motivational Books is my favorite Passtime.  

Q. We have seen you grow as a food blogger. When was the time you associate Travelling with your journey?

I have been traveling since I was a kid and have visited over 23 States of our country. I have been reviewing and posting content as a Food Blogger for the last 4 years on various Social Media Platforms but only in 2019 did I start sharing my travel stories once the frequency of my travel increased. One cannot try authentic cultural cuisine unless one travels to the region of its origin hence food & travel go hand in hand. People keep talking about wanting to visit some exotic locations around the world but honestly, India has some of the most beautiful landscapes, beaches, and a few lovely cities.

Q. What are your favorite travel destinations?

As far as India is concerned I love the mountains and the waterfalls. So North India is undoubtedly my favorite. Mizoram, Gangtok & Andaman Nicobar Islands are surely some of my favorite destinations.

Singapore, Bali, and the US are the countries that I could visit en number of times because of the amazing Infrastructure and growth that these places have shown and how friendly they are towards tourists.

Q. How has lockdown affected your life?

Lockdown has kept me tied to my house and as a content creator there are various opportunities that we can explore at home but going out for shoots, events, tastings, travel cannot be substituted. It has been a difficult time as on a regular day I would be out all day long finishing up work versus now I am home working on the days that I feel like shooting the other days end up being lazy ones.

Q. Would you ever lie to start a travel blog or a food blog?

Oh yes, I think I would. In fact, I remember lying/ hiding the fact that I was traveling to Pondicherry all by myself because I knew my parents would not be comfortable allowing a Solo Female Traveller to explore.

Q. If you were given an open ticket, where would you like to travel and why?

I would like to travel to Japan primarily because of my love for Sushi & Matcha and additionally my fascination with their culture. Moreover, it is a beautiful country and I have been longing to visit it for quite a while now.

Q. Any advice you would like to give to the upcoming bloggers?

Consistency, Hard work & Passion. Please do not start a blog because you feel that one can earn a lot as that is not true. It takes years to try and establish yourself and if you do not have the drive then it is a pointless pursuit.

Q. Who is the travel blogger you admire the most?

I absolutely love these two creators in terms of the places they have traveled and the content they curate. (Gypsea lust, trulynomadly)

Q. Is this your full-time profession?

No, I am a freelance content writer so I have other projects, this is something I do as a side hustle.

Q. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

I see myself influencing people to enjoy their vacations, eat good food make great memories. I would have visited every state/ UT in India, visited at least 15 countries and eaten over 10,000 different types of dishes.

Q. How do you survive the competition?

I believe that each content creator is very different and carries individualism. Everybody works hard and is creative at different levels. So, I think there is no comparison as such and in terms of competition, I think I try and push myself and be the best version of myself so that I am able to spread positivity to people and I make sure that my reviews, updates, and journey are always honest so that my followers never feel cheated in any way. 

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