Items to pack for a prosperous business trip

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Items to pack for a prosperous business trip

Even in our post-digital era, some physical goods are indispensable and especially on a business trip. If you forget your passport, you will not be able to board your flight.

If you forget your phone or laptop, you'll have trouble communicating with your co-workers and clients. You could jeopardise everything from your professional reputation to a client connection if you forget critical business paperwork.

These are all simple errors to make but you can see how much they would cost your company to correct and how much stress they would cause you in the process.
This helpful guide will show you how to pack for a business trip, allowing you more time to focus on completing your meeting or presenting at that major conference.

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Here are eight things that should be on your business travel packing list.

Business Cards

This one might seem obvious but you should always keep a couple of your own cards on hand when travelling for business. You never know whom you will run into or strike up a discussion with, so having business cards on hand is essential for taking advantage of the unplanned networking chances that travel provides.

Clothing and Accessories

Bring the appropriate attire. When it comes to prepping for a busy schedule and even those last-minute drinks that are wonderful for networking, having the right jacket, pair of shoes or accessories may make all the difference. You will probably need a combination of professional business dress and casual dress as well as undergarments, socks and pyjamas. Consider the weather at your location; if it's rainy and windy, you'll be glad you brought an umbrella and a raincoat.

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Case of Cords

There are few things more irritating than finding you forgot your charger on your way to the airport. Use a cord case to safely store all of your adapters, chargers, connectors and cables. It's a good idea to bring extras in case you meet up with co-workers who require one.

Laptop and Tab

Bringing a laptop or tablet on your trip can help you stay productive. Using a laptop or tablet to work while on the go will help you make the most of your travel time, whether you are revising a presentation or drafting up post-meeting notes. Whatever electronic devices you find most handy, be sure you have the appropriate chargers with you.

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Lightweight Carry-on Luggage

For any light business trip, a carry-on rolling bag should adequate. (Source: Skyscanner - All domestic and international Air India travellers can carry only one piece of hand baggage weighing a maximum of 8kgs as cabin baggage. The bag should not exceed these dimensions: height 22 inches, length 14 inches and width 10 inches.)

Travel Document Organizer

Keep all of your travel documents together with a travel document organiser to keep them properly organised and protected. Tickets, confirmations, itineraries, passport, travel insurance policies, medical cards and a list of current medicines are all examples of travel documentation.

Tech Accessories

If you want to be reachable while travelling, so invest in a Bluetooth headset to keep connected when driving or walking through the airport. Consider investing in some noise-cancelling headphones to help you tune out any distracting noises you may encounter when working on the go.

Bring your own mobile broadband device to avoid being frustrated by unreliable hotel Internet or being stuck with no connection at all.

Travel-size Toiletries

Pack any personal goods you might need on your trips like a toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, soap, moisturiser and any shaving or hair products, to save time and energy.

Remember that liquids and gels must be in containers that hold 3.4 ounces or less and fit into one quart-sized transparent bag to be carried in carry-on luggage.

If you don't plan ahead, you will forget something no matter how frequently you travel for work. Even if you travel frequently for business, getting ready for a business trip can slide to the bottom of your to-do list.

This packing list for a business trip is designed to help you leave the stress at home and only bring what you need for a more relaxing work trip.

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