Janamashtmi: The birthday of Lord Krishna

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Janamashtmi: The birthday of Lord Krishna

India is a land of cultures and festivals. A place where every other day a festival is celebrated with unity, happiness and dignity. Each festival has its own importance and value. Festivals are the thing which brings us all together and helps us to built a ever lasting relationship with each other.

 As festival are the true representations of our culture, one such festival is celebrated during month of August and September which is known as Janamashtmi, the birth of Lord Krishna 8th avatar of Lord Vishnu. An annual Hindu festival whose celebration took place in monsoon and is also known by Gokulashtami, Krishnajanamashti, Krishnashtami and Sri Krishna Jayanti.

Different names for different places but the significance is same. The day is celebrated with lots of pomp and shows, participation of children till old age elders in various activities. Decorations, offering prayers, and rituals and traditions are the characteristics of this festival. 

Why to celebrate Janamashtmi?

As per Hindu calender, Lord Krishna was born on the 8th day of holy month of Shravan. He was the 8th son of Vasudeva and Devki the sister of brutal king of Mathura Kanas. When Kansa came to known from inherent voice that his cause of death will be his sister’s 8th child he locked up Vasudeva and Devki in the prison cell. 

The main aim to celebrate this day is to enjoy the birth of Lord Krishna by depicting his life story in a short span in form of dance or drama. 

How is Janamashtmi celebrated in India?

Janamashtmi is celebrated all over the country as well as in some of the foreign countries too. In several places like Malaysia, Canada and even in Paris you can find the festival celebrated with great enthusiasm.

In India, before the actual day of celebration, you can find markets crowded with people shopping the clothes, ornaments, peacock feathers, flowers and much more. People get busy with house decoration preparing sweets among which Lord Krishna’s favourite (white butter) Makhan is being prepared. 

Various schools, clubs and societies organize the fancy dress competition for children to wear attire of Lord Krishna and Radha. At some places, you will also find the youngsters preparing a skit and enacting the life of Lord Krishna The Rasleela in form of dance and drama. Which people loves to watch with great interest and enjoy it to the fullest.

Where to find best Janamashtmi celeberations in India


The birthplace of Lord Krishna is decorated and looks beautiful on this day of the year. The place gets boomed with lights, diyas and latterrn in such a way that it looks like Diwali has arrived. It gets crowded with lots of devotees visiting the place from different parts of Gujarat, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. Pooja is held in temple with lakhs of devotees taking part in it.


The place where Lord Krishna spends his childhood and teenage days. There are 4000 temples situated here. Place is decorated with lights and diyas, Maha pooja take place in temples, people buy new clothes for themselves as well as for Lord Krishna. A 10 day long festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm and various dramas and fairs.


Lord Krishna was king of Dwarka and celeberation of Janamashmi take place here in a different way. The entire city can be seen dancing on the rythmes of Garba. Devotional songs and hymns can be heard in almost every house and prayers are conducted in temple during midnight followed by number of devotees.


The place where Lord Krishna spent his childhood days with Yashoda and Nanda celebrates the birthday of their favourite resident with great happiness. The town is a witness of Lord Krishna naughtiness and miracles done by him. The (white butter) Makhan is prepared and kept outside the house so that lord can come and offer blessing to them. His birthday is celebrated here by the name of Gokulashtami.

Celebrate the birthday of Lord Krishna with great excitement and happiness and do try to undertake trips to these places to get to know about the festival in deep!

MyTravaly wishes you all a very Happy Janamashtmi, May Lord Krishna showers you with lots of blessings and happiness.

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